16 Jan

I put together a playlist for you guys. It’s kind of an I’m sorry playlist for being such a crappy blogger. Yes, I said it. I’ve been a crappy blogger lately. With all of these promises I’ve been making of keeping up a constant schedule of posts each day (besides Saturdays) I’ve done the opposite. The one thing I have been doing is finding lots of new music!

Another bit of news for you: I just started writing my third book! It’s in the very beginning stages and I’m incredibly excited about sharing a piece of myself with the world again. The title of my new book is… “I’m Sorry, You’re Not the One.” It’s based on my own personal dating experiences from the past year. More news to come on this, but let’s get back to the music…the real reason you’re reading this.

The mix is titled after my favorite song on it. Be sure to play that one on repeat.


I’ll be back on Sunday and I’ll get better at this blogging thing!


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