Danny Malone – SpeedDreamer

19 Nov


A Track by Track Album Review
By: Rachel Geiger

The track is a simple yet dreamy song. Malone’s voice fades into the background. His lyrics can be hard to catch if there’s too much going on around you. Based on this track alone, his music is definitely best listened to when falling asleep. “There’s so much more to do, you can’t just do it now, it’s all you think about” he continues on and croons, “Isn’t it speed, speed dreamer? Isn’t it yeah yeah yeah” this may seem simple on the surface, but the song is filled with layers and complex feelings. It’s very retrospective.

This one is much more upbeat. The guitar part on it and the added vocals are beautiful. He adds more elements to this song which make it enjoyable to listen to. It gives the music a playful feel to it which is always fun to listen to.

I’m An Artist
From the very first second of listening, this track has a darker feel than the first two. Then the beat becomes more upbeat, but the dark element remains with the piano in the background. “I’m an artist, do what I want, when I wanna.” The lyrics remain simple, but the music and his voice itself remains intriguing.

Black Cat
Another beat that we haven’t heard from Malone so far on the album. “Put yourself in the body of a black cat” the song starts out. “Firecracker, firecracker” Malone repeats this mantra as the following lines are more difficult to hear. Everything about the melody of this song is unique and a beautiful piece of art. Malone screams by the end of the song but then retreats into a more mellow and soft tone before going back to loud. These contrasts are what makes his songs awesome to listen to.

This song has the softest start with a piano and Malone’s mellow vocals. “Now you’re fixed and now you’re broke, now you pick your poison oak” he then sings simply “Hives, hives, hives” he continues with “Maybe call your sister and have her take you in.” The lyrics are both mysterious and intriguing. What could he be singing about? While that may be a thought, the main focus remains on his voice that sounds as if whatever he’s singing about is haunting him.

“It’s the same old song, not much going on around these parts here. Just how long has it been? Junebug, well I wrote your name on my skin over and over again.” Danny Malone writes to a lover or a friend that he calls Junebug who he deeply admires and misses. Malone’s voice is heard with a strong and steady tone. We can hear the sadness in his voice.

Bottom Of The Lake
“Invisible, invisible girl, invisible, invisible girl” This song is beautiful and quiet, the kind you’d love to fall asleep listening to. “She always talked about drowning, her body was found in the morning.” The song takes a dark turn with these devastating, haunting lyrics.

Olympia 2
The guitar begins the song and gets stronger as the song progresses. “I am an empty swimming pool filled up with water. I’ve got to keep it cold, I’m just like my father.” He proceeds to say, “I have to watch my temperature when I’m around you. My life has always been a blur until I found you.” The song takes a turn into a love song filled with vivid imagery and comparisons to describe his love.

Haunted, My Only
The albums closer is clocking in at just a second shy of 5 minutes long. The first minute is instrumental and Malone’s voice comes in with, “I listen to the floorboards creak.” We shortly learn that the narrator of the song’s home is haunted by a ghost. Or is it a metaphor of his lover being like a ghost? Malone seems to create these kind of metaphors, it may seem simple but it represents much more. The same seems to go for this song as well. “This is a haunted house, something heavy in the air.” The music continues with the incredible melody. “So distant, so distant, so very close.” Malone’s album is filled with these kind of contradictions that work so smoothly.

Overall, this album is simple, it’s not too in your face. It’s easy on the ears and the perfect album to listen and analyze every lyric and reflect on it. It’s the kind of album that you just need to take time to let it sink in.

Check out Danny Malone performing the title track off the new album, SpeedDreamer, on Audiotree.


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