Vacationer – Metro Chicago

13 Nov
Metro - Chicago

Metro – Chicago

Metro is one of the music venues in Chicago, so when I found out that Vacationer, one of my current favorites, was playing there, I knew I had to attend. Opening up for St. Lucia, the moment the guys stepped on stage, they held the attention of the crowd. Playing to a sold-out audience, Vacationer performed their entire set with expertise.

Favorite part of the show: Kenny Vasoli’s dance moves. Kenny’s stage presence is undeniable and its nearly impossible to take your eyes off of him. Not only does he have that going for him, but his vocals actually sound better live than recorded. I used to be a huge The Starting Line fan, but I was never able to see them play when they were together. One thing I can say is that Kenny Vasoli has vastly improved at his craft since TSL.

Moving on from Kenny’s performance, the other members of the band grooved right alongside, engaging the audience just as much. None of the band ever lacked in holding the attention of the crowd, which can sometimes be a struggle for opening bands, considering the crowd is most looking forward to seeing the headliner. It was awesome to see so many people there enjoying Vacationer’s music and vibing right along with the band.

If you have yet to check out Vacationer, you need to. Their music is best described as sunny electronic pop, which comes just in time for the terribly cold weather that’s approaching Chicago. Here’s the bands video, The Wild Life. This song, along with all of the other fantastic songs, can be found on their newest record, Relief, available in stores now.


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