Changes, Music Fests, and More

17 Jul

Sounds That Matter is moving to Chicago! 

What does this mean for the blog? It means there will be way more reviews of live shows, because Chicago’s music scene is incredible. It means I’ll be able to interview more local bands. Most of all, it means that this place will be filled with much more fantastic music!

Now, let’s talk about music festivals. With summer nearly over, I’m sure most of you have attended at least one, but there are still two really big ones coming up: Riot Fest & Lollapalooza. 

Are you going to either of these? Which acts are you looking forward to?

Lollapalooza is sold out, unless you’re a major baller and can purchase the platinum package for $3,600. The good news is that there are still tickets for Riot Fest, and why wouldn’t you want to go to that one? Look at this lineup!

Riot Fest

You totally want to go now, don’t you? Don’t make not living in Chicago an excuse!

Here are a few of the bands I’m looking forward to seeing:

From Indian Lakes, Weezer (duh), The Cure (duh again), Tegan and Sara, City and Colour, New Found Glory, Say Anything, The Front Bottoms, Laura Stevenson… basically my list could go on and on.

Check out a few of the videos below, and if they don’t convince you to attend this year, then you have problems that music can’t cure.


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