Dinosaur Pile-Up

10 Jul

It’s been over seven months since I last posted on Sounds That Matter. This means, for seven months I’ve been listening to a ton of incredible music and not writing about it.

And I’ve missed it.

So, I’m back. I’m back to write about new artists that I can’t stop playing on my car rides. New bands that make my work day better. Music that gets me through the tough times. I’m back to write about all of that, in hopes that it somehow inspires you to check out my recommendations. After all, that’s the point of music blogging, isn’t it?

Let’s get started.

Dinosaur Pile-Up

This past Sunday, I was invited to check out English rockers, Dinosaur Pile-Up. They were openers for Brand New, who I’m sure you’ve heard of. I didn’t know much about the band, but was eager to learn as much as I could before the interview took place. I immediately went on Spotify to check them out. The moment I clicked play, I knew I had to make them my “welcome back” post.

Their music is energetic. Their talent is ginormous. These three men have a knack for holding an entire room’s attention. 

Prior to their soundcheck, I had the opportunity to chat with the guys, giving me and you more insight into who exactly Dinosaur Pile-Up is. Before you read the interview, make sure to play one of their songs in the background. It will make for a much more enjoyable read, I promise.

Q. What kind of fan interactions have you encountered on this tour so far? What was the most memorable one?

A. We got to meet a lot of  the people at the show yesterday, after Brand New played. It’s all very positive. Everyone is really lovely. There was a girl last night, Kendra, that had that crazy energy. She was so nice and interesting to talk to. Really funny. We always hang out at the merch stand, after the shows, and people come up and talk to us. It’s nice for us because it’s weird for us. Like, we are in America, so it’s nice to engage with people and make it real and everything.

Q. What does success mean to you guys?

A. This. Being able to do what we love, every day. Being able to come on wicked tours in America. 

Q. What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

A. Self doubt. Often I feel like a lot of the songs we have is quite introspective. Sort of biographical. I feel like it’s a lot like internalizing thoughts. Writing for me is quite cathartic, and playing with the boys, us bringing a song together is also cathartic. I really like when I have four days or even a day, where I don’t have to see anybody or do anything, and I have shit that I’m thinking of and I can just kind of churn that out into a tune, which I know eventually we’ll be playing as a three. That’s kind of a nice feeling. 

Q. Do you feel it’s been a challenge crossing over and getting recognition in the U.S.?

A. Haven’t really thought of it like that before. It’s just been like coming over and focusing on the tour, and seeing what happens. We’ve played three times before in the U.S. Our songs have gone to radio, which is cool for us because America is so big and has so many markets. It blows our minds and never gets old.

Q. Tell me about some of the places you’ve played so far. What has been one of the best spots?

A. San Diego. That’s nice. New York. Everywhere is cool. Each show has a cool individual memory. The rock in Tucson, Arizona. That was amazing. 

Q. How do you prepare for a live show?

A. Get really nervous. Drink loads of whiskey. Go on stage. A three step process. I get super nervous before every show still. 

Q. Your latest album, Nature Nurture, has some really great songs on it. My favorite is “Derail.” Tell me the idea behind that song?

A. I never really like saying exactly what a song is about for me, because it could be different for someone else, but I guess it’s about kinda being unstable in yourself and kinda falling off the tracks a little bit. Just going through that shitty journey and deciding what you need to keep in your life, and what you don’t need to keep. 

Q. If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which would it be and why?

A. Probably Melanin, from the EP. It’s got so many different parts and it would be hard to get sick of. 

Currently, the band is on tour with Brand New, so if you have tickets for an upcoming show, be sure to arrive early and check them out. They’re put on an incredible live set, that you don’t want to miss.

Here’s the video for my favorite song, Derail, off of their current album, Nature Nurture.


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