24 Sep

I can’t seem to keep my days straight anymore, so yes, this post is one day late. Quit complaining and just enjoy what I’m about to show you.

There have been two artists and one band that I’ve been obsessed over lately. I tend to listen to a lot music throughout a week, so when I find some that can hold my ears for that long, I know I’ve got a winner.

Let’s start with an artist named Danny Malone. Girls, get ready to swoon. Guys, get ready to become a fan. He’s said to be one of the best musical talents to come out of Austin, Texas, which doesn’t surprise me because his music is some of the best I’ve heard lately. His lyrics are powerful, his melodies will hold your attention and leave you wanting to repeat the song just so that you can revel again in each second.

Danny Malone

Here is his video for Spiderlegs, which you can find on his new album, Balloons, available now.

The second band I want to talk about is actually a band that’s been featured on the site before. When I first posted about Swear and Shakethey were nowhere near as well-known as they are now. Over the past few months, they’ve blown up, and I’m so happy about that. Their music is incredible, they as individuals are incredible. It really makes me proud to know them personally.

Swear and Shake

Here are just a few comments said about the band:

“Postcard-perfect indie folk with an undercurrent of sly humor.” – Time Out New York

“Folksy, foot-stomping rock” – New York Times

“You may not know them yet, but you should.” – Teen Vogue

“With their more recent appearances being at festivals like Shaky Knees and Governors Ball, it’s clear that the band thrives in a live setting.” – Paste Magazine

Swear and Shake will be your next favorite band because I guarantee after listening to a few of their songs, you’ll jump right on the bandwagon and tell the driver to keep driving.

Here is their newest video for Brother, available now for purchase.

The last artist I’d like you to feast your ears on is Courtney Marie Andrews. I have an obsession with voices that can make you feel like you’re floating up in the clouds. The voices that dig past all of the crap piled up in your life and make you forget it, focusing only on the ethereal talent coming from them. Courtney has that kind of voice. If you’d like to hear something powerful, if you like getting the feels from music, click play and then after look up every one of her songs.

Courtney Marie Andrews


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