Hump Day

30 May

Let’s talk about music. Not just any music though. Great music. I’ve gathered some music videos this past week, each one able to stand on their own and shout to the world how talented they are. No really, if you’re one of these artists I’m featuring, get busy on that.

Charlie Mars – Let the Meter Run

Maybe we can make up with that voice in your head
Take it out for a drink
Maybe we could tie it up to the bed

Little Chief – Brothers

We were young, beneath the stars,
Growing up, stealing hearts.
Oh my mama, she disapproved
Oh my father, he never knew

The Early November – Tell Me Why

Tell me why you left
Tell me where you went
Tell me why
Am I worth the lines?

Jeffrey James – Carry You

Trouble gonna come like it always does
But if you don’t know struggle then you don’t know love

PS. I’ve featured Jeffrey James a lot on this site, but I must say this has to be my favorite song I’ve featured of his so far.


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