Kick It Into Gear and Support These Animals

22 May

These Animals

Okay, that was a long title, but a good one because this post is all about how we can help These Animals get their very first full-length album, Pages, out into the world of music lovers. How do we do that you ask? Well, These Animals have put together a Kickstarter to raise the funds it takes to press the new CD’s, promote them, merchandise, and the best part…TOUR! By helping out the guys, and might I add how great these guys are, you get some really neat rewards such as: advanced digital download of the album, music lesson with the entire band, a personal house party with These Animals as the live talent, and my personal favorite, Greg will be your pen pal. With all of those great perks, why wouldn’t you want to help out? With as little as $10, you’re helping a great group of hardworking musicians who deserve success.

If you don’t know who These Animals are, but I’ve peeked your interest, let me introduce you.

Please dig deep into your pockets for this one, music fans. These Animals will be rocking to sold out shows in no time and you’ll be able to say you helped get them there.

Kickstarter Link:

For more informtion on These Animals, click here.



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