21 May


Oh boy, do I have something good for you. I was recently e-mailed about a great new band that’s been grabbing not only my attention, but several others. Their new EP, Are We Lost, is greatness wrapped in talent. One thing I love doing on the site is having the creators of these wonderful songs tell the world what they’re all about. What inspired each one. Why they wrote the song in the first place. If you haven’t checked out their EP, do so immediately. It’s free and I promise it won’t disappoint.

“Are We Lost”

This was the first song we wrote as a band that made us believe that all the hard work we put into song writing was paying off. This is easily one of the simplest songs we have ever written, based predominantly around a four-chord pattern. However, this gave us room to tap into the emotion of the lyrics and deliver the powerful vocal. This song is about the loss of a relationship that was out of my control and striving to get it back.


The song changed quite a lot once we got in the studio with our producer Roni Szpakowski. He reworked it fairly drastically with us and left behind a cool indie track. This song is about human nature really, and the lyrics are fairly literal. This was the first single we ever released; it picked up some good press and we got a great reaction, meaning we will always have love for this one.

“The World We Live In”

The World We Live In came together quickly and that effortlessness is usually a good sign when writing music. It’s about taking a step back from all the personal problems in life and the troubles we go through, and taking an opportunity to breathe. It’s an appreciation of a beautiful, incredible place we live.

“Between The Lines”

This track is an energetic and more light-hearted ending to the EP and it was the first song we wrote after working with our producer for the first time. We had a whole new outlook on writing music and started to see our individual strengths we had in the band and put them to better use. By the end of the writing process we felt that the finished product sounded more complete than any other track we had previously written. The lyrics touch on the subject of being with someone you love but that you know isn’t good for you; you need to be free of them, yet you can’t live without them.

In case you need more convincing that these guys are your new favorite band, here are two videos. First is the official video for Are We Lost. The second one is one of their songs that’s not on the EP, but I absolutely loved the acoustic performance, and I know that you’re a sucker for anything acoustic.


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