Right Place, Right Time

18 May

Sounds That Matter got a makeover! What do you all think? Since I’m back to posting full-time, I wanted a change. Out with the old, in with the new.

I haven’t had a chance to post any new interviews just yet, but I do have quite a few planned. To name a few: Wayne Szalinkski, Little Town, Coyote Theory, and Cardiknox. All of these bands have become a staple on my playlists, and I hope you will all feel the same way.

With all of that being said, let’s go on with the post.

Being a music blogger, I’m lucky enough to receive new music almost everyday in my inbox. Discovering new music has never been so easy and guess what? I love almost everything that’s sent to me. It’s like these bands/PR companies know exactly what I like and send it to me in bulk. I’m also obsessed with Spotify, which allows me to discover new music on my own. I find these bands, listen to them all day, and then try contacting them for a feature. As you’re all well aware, my intention of this blog is to spread awareness of bands that haven’t reached full stardom just yet.

Here are five bands that have recently been sent my way. I can’t get enough of these songs and I hope your ears enjoy them.

Ginney Blackmore – She writes songs that are real. Songs you can feel straight through your bones, that will dig deep inside of you and stay there forever. Her new song, Bones, is a beautiful masterpiece that will leave you listening to every lyric and realizing how true her words are.

The music is as honest as I could make it,” she says. “It’s my perspective on life. I really hope people can hear themselves in it somewhere. That’s what I care about.


Empire of the Sun – Two guys from Australia that make music you can’t help but move to. I first fell for their song, Walking On a Dream and now I’m loving their newest song “Alive.” Their music is refreshing, fun, and super energetic. I need to see these guys live asap.


Capital Cities -Two frontmen sharing the vocals on each track. They met on Craigslist and started creating music that everyone notice. Seriously, everyone. Perez Hilton named them the best band in Los Angeles, and they’ve shared the stage with The Killers and Grouplove. Basically, their music is like gold for your eardrums.

“Safe and Sound”

Escondido -Hailing from Nashville, Jessica Maros and Tyler James recently released their new record and from the first song, I felt like I was in a western. Their harmonies are like butter, and Jessica’s voice is super sultry. Evil Girls might be my favorite track from the album, but honestly, I love them all. The band is on tour with The Staves right now, so if you have tickets to the show, be sure to show up early and catch them.

“Black Roses”

Cardiknox -This band approached me and I’m super happy they did. I clicked on one of the songs they sent and I was immediately blown away. I could go on and on about how much I love their music, but I think I’ll let it speak for itself. I have a good feeling that it won’t take long for them to be recognized for their talent. Keep your eyes peeled for an interview with them on the site.

“Hold Me Down”


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