10 May

The title says it all – My ears are filling up with new music lately. I would never complain about this … okay, I have one small complaint. Since there is so much new stuff I want to promote, I don’t have time to give each and every song it’s own personalized posting. I hate that I can’t do that because when I love a song, truly love a song, I dedicate the entire post to it. Since my schedule is super busy and I’m juggling so much in my life right now, I have to cram all of my favorite music at the moment into this. So, here it goes.

“There’s an ocean of music, and you really need to push it to the surface somehow.” – Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly

I have a really amazing friend who’s name is Robert Kelly. His talent is extraordinary and judging from how many times I’ve included him on the site, you could say I adore him. Right now, he’s doing a Kickstarter promotion and asking for your help in funding his next musical adventure. It’s been two long, grueling years since I’ve heard new music from Robert, so I’m begging you to help. He’s recorded most of his new album, but just needs help in promoting it. Promotion is a bitch and it costs a ton of money to reach out to the music lovers of the world. Give as little as $5, I don’t care, just help. Your ears will thank you. Click here for more information.

Evan Savage

Next up, the sweet sounds of Evan Savage. I was eager to post about this because I love his new song he’s about to release on May 14. It was the piano that hooked me from the start when I first heard, Break More Hearts. Then I heard Evan’s soothing vocals and was instantly hypnotized. The lyrics to this song are super sweet and I really just want to listen to it on repeat. Like I said, you can’t officially get the song until next Tuesday, but you can watch him play it and sing his little heart out in this video. You can thank me later.

Wayne Szalinski

Omg, guys. This next band got under my skin (in a good way) as soon as I heard their music. Wayne Szalinksi is the breath of fresh air that I needed. Their brand new EP, Fondly Truly, was just released and you can get it here for a bargain. Whether you pay $1 for the EP or $20, it’s worth the price. Get the album here. Let’s get these guys some much deserved attention.

PS. I’ll be doing an interview with them soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Young Summer

So it hasn’t been all boys that have taken control of my ears. Young Summer has been burning up my speakers as well. Her song, Fever Dream, is like a dream. It’s melodic, the lyrics are stunning, and Bobbie Allen’s voice is captivating. Then there’s her other new song, Why Try. I want to curl up in a ball and listen to this song over and over. It’s heartbreaking and will leave you speechless. Now I wait and count down the days until her album is released (June 11). Be prepared to become feverish while listening to Fever Dream.


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