Dustin Erhardt – Saviour Breath

7 May

Dustin Erhardt - Saviour Breath

Dustin’s music has been a favorite of mine since I first heard him a few years ago. I’m always eager to see what he’s writing and when I get to hear it. When he recently messaged me and asked if I wanted to feature his new EP, Saviour Breath, before it’s released anywhere else, I was absolutely all over it. Of course I want my readers to be able to hear incredible music before anyone else! The five song EP features such talent, you can tell Dustin put his heart and soul into recording it.

This week is special because it celebrates Dustin Erhardt’s achievement. Throughout the week, I’ll be posting a few Dustin related things including an interview and some of Dustin’s video performances.

So, what is Saviour Breath? To get a peek into Dustin’s mind – why he wrote each song, what’s the meaning behind each track – read on.

Saviour Breath EP

Saviour Breath EP
The theme of this album is discontentment, I think. These songs were written at a time when I wasn’t happy with my life or the choices I was making, but I wasn’t ready to change my life either. I think there’s an interesting sound on this EP because the songs were recorded a year after they were written, so you have this mixture of melancholy lyrics with a musical tone that is hopeful at times. I wanted the EP to end on a note that left people wanting more. There will be a Saviour Breath Part Two, so I’m leaving the story unfinished for now.

Waiting List
The first voice you hear on the album belongs to the beautiful & talented Holly Resnick. We like to collaborate, and she was happy to lend her voice for a few ooh’s and aah’s. This song is about a turning point for me where I decided to stop holding on to people who weren’t willing to fight for our relationship with me.

Short Film
For this song, I really tried to create a film-like sound. The song starts and ends with the sound of a film reel, and the violin on the chorus (played by Liddy Voetberg) adds a really cinematic tone to the song, I think. There’s a line in the song that says “She’s got a new ring for every year / Like an evergreen” which is about a friend of mine who seemed to always be getting engaged to someone new.

I originally left this song out of the EP because I didn’t think it was good enough, but my drummer and BFF Robbie Tice said “Let me show you the sexy that is this song.” He played the drum beat that we ended up recording for the track, and convinced me to keep the song.

Bye Now, So Long
This song is pretty straight forward. I tried to balance the idea of feeling inadequate in a relationship with the realization that you’re being held back by another person.

Perfect Life
This song was written with the great Alec Varis. We tracked all the guitars and vocals in one room at the same time. That was a challenge, but very rewarding. Alec wrote his verse in the studio a few minutes before we recorded vocals.

This was a hard song to write. It’s about how I felt that so many things in my life happened at the wrong time. In the verse I talk about my stepmother, who passed away from cancer about a year before the song came.

And of course, what you all came here for, THE MUSIC.


Check back Wednesday for a fun interview with Dustin.


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