The CO

12 Jan

You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you first come across a new band and you hear their song, your feet start tapping to the beat and your stomach starts doing cartwheels? That’s how I felt the first time I heard this band. I remember like it was yesterday. The song was “Keep It Together.” That song alone made me fall in love with this band. Then I heard more of their music and I was boggled as to why this band wasn’t playing on the MTV or any of the radio stations. Everyday I come across bands like this, and it’s sad that their isn’t enough room for every single talent on this planet, but honestly, who needs MTV anyways? With social media these days, having your music heard by millions doesn’t necessarily have to do with cable, just internet.

The CO just released their brand new album, Keep It Together, and I’ve been waiting for what seems like years to hear new stuff from these guys. They’re no strangers when it comes to talent. Each song delivers an uplifting message, a lyrical heartache, a tear stained cheek. I’m guessing by now you understand that I truly love this band?

I got with the guys ( Collin Brace, Troy Akers, and Nate Fleming) and had them put a commentary type thing together for the album. Each song they highlight how it came about, what’s the meaning behind it, and more. Be sure to click the links below where you’ll find a place to download free music from them and also where to buy this album.

It’s been awhile and I’m happy to be back.

Free music on Noisetrade

Buy full album here

Listen to the song that made me fall in love with this band:


T: This came out of nothingness. A bass line pulsing on one piano note. I wanted to feel what it would be like to just bring a song out from all senses. I saw Los Angeles. I saw us playing. I felt what rhythm did to me and to a potential other face looking back at mine. We ran with it.

N: It started out with a bass line that Troy came up with and grew into a fast paced aggressive sound that is kind of new for us. I love the energy of the song which pushes the message of going for your aspirations now and not waiting for another chance.

C: Everyone loves a tune with a beat that moves your head. Frequency is inspired by the hustle we go through each day to make our dreams reality.

I Will Be Strong:
T: We wrote this song with our buddy Josiah Rosen. It’s literally a feel-good, be young, drive fast song. It’s a song to get a tan to or hold hands on a night drive with the windows down…

C: This song was written during the middle of summer, its got a spring break driving outta town vibe. It’s the image of a guy trying to convince that girl in his life to take some risk but with a smile on her face.

Keep It Together:
N: This song encompasses so much of what we stand for and hope to translate through our music. I love how uplifting the song is every single time I hear it.

C: I started this song in my bedroom one day, my wife Katie had just recently experienced a difficult let down and her sprit was low, I wanted to her and everyone that you can’t give up.

T: These are the lyrics that are tattooed on my arm in all of our handwriting. It’s become piece by piece a song that all of us cling to and feel onstage. When the fans take it and make it their own, it becomes that much bigger. This is truly our heart.

How To Say Goodbye:
C: I was really inspired to start this tune because of stuff in my life I was trying to let go of and no matter how hard I try it always seemed to have a hold on me. I was also there for Troy during a time in his life where he had to say goodbye to someone that he found almost impossible to do.

T: I remember the day Collin brought this song to me to finish. I had a lot of things in my head and heart I needed to say goodbye to, one person in particular. This was my remedy for that. The bridge is still a part of the song I feel to the core whenever we sing it. Live or on record. This song has become a means to an end to help people say farewell to something or someone who’s course has come to an end.

C: I had a friend from Colorado that was a close family friend of ours, take his life at a very young age, leaving behind his family and friends here on earth. Troy and I also know many people that deal with depression and attempting to take their lives, that struggle is very real, and we just found ourselves dealing with those issues by writing this song. Its a powerful song for us both, one that I will always respect and have a connection to.

T: This song is one of those you needed to write to heal. This is for those who fight depression….or know someone they love who has or is. And it’s for those who have lost those to things we can’t even explain. That fire and flame has been very close to us in the past. So incredibly happy this is captured on the record.

2 Against 1:
T: Sometimes you are able to find the muse and other times the muse finds you. This was almost thrown away. One night I played the idea to Nate and we just went and put down what melodies I had and I wrote from there on. This is the most mysterious song, to me. It’s about love + fighting in the most powerful and sensual of ways. All eyes on deck…all hope tossed in the air waiting for it to land. I wanted to bring a piece of India to this record…these melodies remind me of it.

C: My wife Katie is the love of my life, as we’ve grown over the years I’ve discovered something, girls are deep. I’ve also learned that trust and pursuing your wife is vital to a successful marriage, no matter what walls are up or whatever the relationship is taken through a good friend always loves and never gives up. This is one of my favorite songs we’ve ever written. And it has such a sweet snare drum!

T: I think for all of us, this one means different things. Personal things. It’s grown legs over the last year and a half for sure…Tonight, at least for me, it seems to stand for holding on. Just because someone is gone or you had to let go of them, doesn’t really mean you’ve lost them for good. The ending is one of my favorite song endings we ever have done.

Soldier Up:
N: This song was a lot of fun to work up. To me it says don’t lose sight of what the bigger picture is no matter what may be happening in the present, keep pushing through and you will get there

C: Ever had to just suck it up and do something or want to skip out on something important because it was painful? This message is about soldiering through life’s tough moments, stare your fears down and keep going.

T: The love letter. The could-have. The maybe one day. The never again. The inside. The outside. This song is everything you want to say to someone. Whether you ever got to or never will. This is it.


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