Music is Me

19 Nov

How can I stay away from something that I love? For the past few weeks, I’ve taken some time away from Sounds That Matter, yet every day I’ve thought about how much I miss posting new music. Music has given me back so much throughout my life and not being able to write about it has taken happiness from me. At first, when I decided to not post new music, it was due to the fact of becoming busy. I’m currently writing a book, but I let that stop me from doing something I’m extremely passionate about. I never wanted that to be the case when I began writing this novel. Like I said, music has given me so much. Music is me.

With that being said, I want to come back, if you’ll have me. I miss this. I miss posting new artists. There hasn’t been a day that I’ve ceased to find new music, so I do have lots of new tunes to promote on Sounds That Matter.

As busy as I get, I’ll never forget what music has done for me. It’s given me strength in times I’ve needed it the most. Thank you for being here and celebrating art with me. I love you.

Enjoy the husband/wife duo I discovered today, Eine Blume. Download their CD here for free.

Eine Blume – The Hound


One Response to “Music is Me”

  1. matthewrusnak November 21, 2012 at 7:30 pm #

    I suppose we’ll have you back… Thanks for the heartfelt post. Music touches me in the same way as well. Sometimes after I see a show I’m so excited by a performance that I’ll actually come home and play my drums, even if it’s two in the morning. Music is my life force.


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