6 Oct

“We chose this lifestyle, and even though it’s hard sometimes, it’s the best thing we could ever experience in our lives.”

Claudio Pallone, Carlo Prisco, Alfonso Fusco, and Stefan Olsson are the four members that make up the band, Emmecosta, achieving the super unique sound that is grabbing peoples attention left and right. When this band was first introduced to me, I was actually taken aback at how put together their sound was, but they haven’t really gotten their foot in the door quite yet. Their music sounds so mastered and rehearsed, almost like they’ve been playing in a band together for most of their lives. Their newest single, The Answer, brings freshness to the airwaves, I’m sad it only lasts a little less than four minutes. I recently interviewed the guys, taking a look at their lives as a band living overseas.

Q. How did the four of you come up with the name for your band? Is there a significant meaning behind it?

A. We were 15 years old and we were looking for a name that didn’t exist but that meant something for us. We were 5 in the band by that time, so we decided to use “Emme”, that in Italian means “M”, same shape of the Cassiopeia constellation made of 5 stars, particulary visible from our hometown Positano (on the Amalfi Coast), and Costa , that in Italian means coast.

Q. You started out in Italy and are now living in Sweden, but your music seems to be gaining recognition in the US. Do you feel like it’s much easier for your music to gain popularity with people from any country because of social networking?

A. Social networking is actually the only way we have to spread our music in countries where we haven’t yet been playing, like USA for example.

Q. Your music is very unique compared to what is playing on the airwaves now. What do you feel makes your sound different?

A. Simply the fact that we want to sound unique. We all listen to different kinds of music and when we meet in the studio we try to melt our personal musical influences into something that sounds unique, for all of us.

Q. Your live show has been quoted as “highly polished.” How do you prepare for a live show? Are there any pre-show rituals you can clue us all in on?

A. Our only ritual is to play football, wherever it is, just before a gig, and hug each other right before going on stage. It warms us all up in a particular way.

Q. You guys have released a few new songs recently, one being a song called, Ghosts. Can you tell me what inspired you to write this song?

A. Our songs get inspiration by everything that happens to us. Our moving to Sweden, adapting to a new society. Surviving in it. Ghosts talks about a guy that commits suicide because of his impossibility to adapt to the world, and once dead, he sees things in a totally different perspective…and regrets to have killed himself.

Q. Speaking of inspiration, what are some of the things that make you want to write a song? Is there anything you steer clear of?

A. Our friendship, our dreams together, our sorrow, our happiness. We live together, and every morning when we wake up, it feels like a new adventure is starting. We chose this lifestyle, and even though it’s hard sometimes, it’s the best thing we could ever experience in our lives.

Q. Do you guys have any plans to tour in the US? If so, what cities are you looking forward to stopping in?

A. Of course we would love to play in USA. To make that possible,we’d probably need an agency that can take care of it. I’d choose any city in USA, maybe a preference for Seattle, where my brother lives (Claudio).

Q. In the past, you guys took a break from music to regroup. You decided to leave Italy and move to Sweden. Do you guys feel like to this day, that decision was one of the best you ever made for your band?

A. Absolutely. We come from a small town, in a small minded country, with a big dream and a big friendship. One day I woke up and I thought that what we needed, first of all, was to live the world, get inspired by it. Not only by our escaping hometown dreams. We feel proud because we have taken a big step, leaving everything, our families, and with nothing but our friendship, we started this adventure that is slowly bringing us where we wanted: In a place where we could speak.

Q. You have seemed to compete in many different competitions. Which one was your favorite and why?

A. The best competition we participated was “EMERGENZA”. It gave us the chance to play on the biggest stages
in Europe (Szieget, Taubertal) and the funniest part was in the world final of the competition ( 20 bands participating out of 30,000 from all over the world) , we were representing Sweden. The worst competition, which we won with the title of “Upcoming Band of the Year,” was “Tour Music Fest”. An Italian contest, although well known in the music scene, that promised the winner a European Tour. What we actually won, was the chance to play 15 minutes in a Venue inside the O2 Arena, London (travel paid mostly by us). Perhaps that made us understand even more how good our choice was to leave Italy.

Q. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which would it be and why?

A. We’d bring the whole new EP, which we haven’t yet released. The new songs are going to be something really important to us. We believe it will be a big step for us. We shaped an even more unique sound, and we hope that we’ll be able to finally play it in USA.

Here is their single, The Answer. Enjoy.


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