Beautiful Disaster

7 Sep

When I first read Beautiful Disaster, it wasn’t as well known as it is now. I found it randomly while scrolling through books that cost less that $5. The popularity of this book skyrocketed and landed the author, Jamie McGuire, a book deal with Simon and Schuster’s Atria Books. Quick summary: Girl goes off to college to escape her past. She meets the bad boy/ladies man on campus, falls for him, but tries her hardest not to. She’s torn between staying on the safe path, or going down the unknown with the bad boy. I truly enjoyed this book, so of course, I had to create a playlist to represent it.

Act As If – Oh My My

He Is We – All About Us

Future of Forestry – You

Mae – My Favorite Dream

The Early November – Close To You

Say Anything – I Want To Know Your Plans

Emarosa – A Toast to the future kids!

Sum 41 – With Me

Hit The Lights – Hey Jealousy

The Rocket Summer – Pull Myself Together (Don’t Hate Me)




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