That Boy / That Wedding

22 Aug

I tend to read a lot of books that are torture on the heart, so when I came across this series by the fabulous author, Jillian Dodd, I was beyond happy. I devoured it and it left me completely satisfied. I felt giddy while reading the books and it was so refreshing to read a series that wasn’t filled to the brim with drama. A brief summary of the books: Jadyn grows up living next door to Phillip and Danny. The boys look at Jadyn as if she’s just another one of the guys until she starts really growing up. One of them starts up an on again off again fling with her while the other, well let’s just say he plays his cards right and waits until him and Jadyn are truly ready to move from best friends to lovers. In the end, Jadyn and he who shall not be named end up happily ever after. This series is truly a fairy-tale (minus all of the sex, booze, and other adult things). I was excited to finally create a playlist that wasn’t all sad, break-up songs and I got to pick some of my more happier love tunes. If you read the books, then I hope you find these songs fitting. You should be aware, I did focus on the relationship with Jadyn and the mystery man more than anything else.

Sleeping At Last – Next to Me

Mat Kearney – Count On Me

Said The Whale – The Light Is You

JJ Heller – When I’m With You

Charlene Soraia – Wherever You Will Go

Johnny Stimson – A Million Years (Feat. Jillian Edwards)

Brandi Carlile – If There Was No You

Tim McMorris – Overwhelmed

Angus & Julia Stone – You’re the One That I Want

Sleeping At Last – Dear True Love


One Response to “That Boy / That Wedding”

  1. Jillian Dodd - YA Author August 22, 2012 at 4:16 pm #

    Love these! Thanks so much for making them a playlist!! I love the Wherever you will go song especially!!

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