Kickstarter Projects

19 Aug

I like to help out as many bands as I can and having a site like this allows me the platform to do so. When it comes to their Kickstarter projects, I do my best to promote each one and try and reach out to as many people as I can. Each one is in need of being funded and each one truly deserves to be successful. With that being said, there are two current Kickstarter projects happening right now that you should all be made aware of.

Dustin Erhardt is an incredible singer songwriter and has been working his butt off, writing and producing a six song EP that he hopes can see the light of day. With your help, it can be mixed, mastered, and distributed. For more information on Dustin’s project, follow this link and donate as little as $1. With only three weeks left, your generosity could help out with the end result.

The Mount Rushmores are an indie band hailing from Mississippi. I can never say enough great things about them and how truly down to earth they all are. Their first EP was funded successfully on Kickstarter and they’re back again for more help. Due to some bad luck, their rehearsal space burned down and because of that, they are now unable to pay for this new record out of their own pockets. With your help, they can finally release the album and get it out into the world. Follow this link to help them on this journey and you’ll find yourself receiving some pretty amazing incentives out of it.

Dave Elwert is a singer songwriter from Anderson Indiana. Having seen him play live, I know how truly gifted he is. I was in awe of his musical ability as I watched him perform and I know he’s a really hard working musician who deserves success. He is currently wrapping up the loose ends of his new record, Boundary Waters. Once it’s complete, it goes on to mixing, mastering, and being released digitally. With your help, the record can get into the important hands of the mixing/mastering Gods. Once that’s all set, you’ll be able to buy yourself a copy off of iTunes. Your graciousness can help Dave achieve this dream of his, but you’ll also receive a few gifts of your own. For more information on this project and to preview a few of the new tracks, click here.


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