Ten Bands I’d Listen to the Radio For

11 Aug

I don’t often listen to the radio, but when I do, there is one hell of a good song on. I’m usually surprised by this because most of the stuff played on the radio is either garbage or it’s being played on repeat a million times a day. Instead of torturing myself, I pop in my own music for the road and go on with my day. If there were certain bands that made it to the airwaves, I would probably listen to the radio more, but unfortunately some bands don’t ever see the light of day. If the bands listed below ever did hit the radio airwaves, I would simply eat my words, turn on the station, and come to the conclusion that maybe there is some glimmer of hope that great music can be noticed.

1. The Last Bison

The multiple instruments used, the voices. Many things factor into why I love this band.


2. Imaginary Cities

I always favor eccentric voices and this girl has got that.

Say You

3. Jack and White

Brooke was on American Idol, but she didn’t win. I’m kind of thankful for that because she formed this band and this band kicks ass.

Telephone Games

4. We Are the Birdcage

This sweet little duo are the epitome of talent. I can’t say enough great things about them. I simply love them.

Sweet Sue

5. Swear and Shake

I may know these folks personally, but that in no way gives them more points. It’s their talent that does it for me and it should for you too.

These White Walls

6. Quiet Hounds

These guys wear masks to hide their identity. Meaning showcasing their music rather than having their faces front and center is what matters most to them. What’s not to admire about that?

I Get Up

7. Act As If

Just came across this band recently and instantly loved them. The voice is what grabbed me. That Peter Verdell is talented. Not to mention the harmonies are delicious.

Oh My My

7. Jesse Thomas

This girl writes some of the best love/heartbreak songs. If you’re going through that, listen to her music. It’ll help.

Back to Fighting

8. A Lion Named Roar

Uber talented boys that are well on their way. Talk about anticipating hearing more new music. Funny fact: Every time I say their band name, I make a lion sound.

Desert Wind

9. Wake Owl

On one of my random searches to find new music, I came across these guys. So stoked about it because their EP is one of my current favorites.

You’ll Never Go

10. Tough Lovers

Their music just makes me happy, which means I could listen to it all day. So could you.

Started With a Spark

Note: I realized hours after posting this that I included eleven bands rather than ten. That just goes to show that one, I don’t know how to count and two, it was too hard picking only ten that I subconsciously picked eleven.


One Response to “Ten Bands I’d Listen to the Radio For”

  1. peasandcrayons August 11, 2012 at 5:11 pm #

    I roar-ed too =)

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