The Opportunist

3 Aug

We’ve covered that I read. A lot. I read so much that I think I know a great book when it comes along. The Opportunist is most definitely included in that category. Like I’ve said before, my job here is not to review the book, however just to give you a brief description of my feelings towards this book: It made me cry, as in buckets of tears. Whenever I read a book that is all about a first love gone awry, I shed tears like no ones business. A lot of it has to do with many of my own personal experiences and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I related to this book. The story hit very close to home and it really wasn’t hard for me to pick out songs that belong to it. I have a few requests to ask of you. Please go purchase the book and devour it ( Hell, I did in one sitting) and also, check out the artists included in this playlist.

Rosi Golan – Can’t Go Back

“some things you can’t go back to cause you let them slip away”

The Lumineers – Stubborn Love

“it’s better to feel pain, than nothing at all
the opposite of love’s indifference”

Julia Stone – It’s All Okay

“and you’ll move to the city, marry a pretty girl
and she will make you smile all the while you’ll be looking for what you left behind”

Melanie Laurent – Everything You’re Not Supposed to Be (Feat. Damien Rice)

“I know I was everything you’re not supposed to be to someone that you love”

Shelly Fraley – All That I Wanted

“shadows out on the pavement follow me around like your memories”

Alex Clare – Too Close

“how do I say that I need to move on? you know we’re headed separate ways”

We Are The Birdcage – Two Left Feet

“and when my lips won’t say a word, I hope you know I’m sorry. sorry for all I was”

Elise Lieberth – I Won’t Give Up

“I don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easily”

Daughter – Landfill

“this is torturous
  electricity between both of us
  and this is dangerous
  cause I want you so much
  but I hate your guts”

Belle Histoire – Without You

“I wanna love but I don’t trust you. I wanna live but I can’t get over you”

Marie Hines – Long Way to Letting Go

“waiting on eventually
 where you’ll become my history
 and I’ll begin to rebuild the wall”

Birdy – Without a Word

“stand there and look into my eyes
 and tell me that all we had were lies”

aprilemade – What If

“what if I never let you go?”

The Rocket Summer – Goodbye Waves and Driveways (Note: This song has everything to do with the past I was referring to above)

“and you see it’s hard for me to breathe
  when I get all worked up with these feelings
  and I don’t know exactly how it is
  that we can be so mad we consider to not exist
  and we both know there’s so much love clenched within our fists”


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