Wesley Blaylock

28 Jul

Frontman, Wesley Blaylock, has been involved in music his entire life. Growing up with musical parents, music consumed both Wesley and his sister. They grew up loving the classics, which in turn provided a great platform for both their musical careers today. You may recognize Wesley’s voice from his band, Deas Vail, but recently he has just released a solo EP. My own thoughts of how fantastic each song is aside, Wesley Blaylock knows what he’s doing when it comes to writing a song. His words touch so many hearts and it’s simple to say that he’s a genius at his craft. I have been a fan of Deas Vail for a long time now and I always look forward to hearing Wesley’s unique voice, so when I found out he started a solo project and released an EP, I was all over it. The EP is much more laid back than his bands music and lends an almost euphoric experience. I recently submitted some questions for Wesley to answer, giving us all a chance to learn more about the talented artist. Wesley took to his camera and answered the questions on there and even offers to do house shows, so if you live in Tennessee or the surrounding area, stop being crazy and invite the guy over. Who wouldn’t want their living room filled with his voice?

1. Many people recognize you as the lead singer of popular band, Deas Vail, however you have just started off a solo career. Are you still continuing on as a band, or is the solo thing at the forefront of your mind for now?

2. Your new self-titled EP was just recently released and has been getting rave reviews. Personally, my favorite song off of there is, Finally the Truth, which you recorded with your sister, Hannah Blaylock. Obviously musical talent runs in your family. Growing up, what were some of the songs playing in your household?

3. Your sister is in a band called “Eden’s Edge.” Do you guys often bounce musical ideas off of eachother?

4. What were some of the things that inspired you to release your 5 song EP and with it finally being released, what do you have in store next?

5. While in Deas Vail, your band was able to travel all around and play many shows. Do you have any plans to do solo shows?

6. The dynamic of a solo set compared to a full-band is much different. In your opinion, do you think it is harder to hold people’s attention when there is just one person on stage compared to more?

7. Your songwriting is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t tell you how man times your songs have gotten me through hard times. What are some of the nicest compliments you’ve received about your music?

8. With the music industry jam packed with so much talent, do you think it’s hard to bust out and be noticed? What sorts of things do you think it takes to be noticed by the world in terms of music?

9. Having a long career in music, what have been some of things that you struggled with and how did you overcome them?

10. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which would it be and why?


Here is “Asleep at the Wheel” off of Wesley’s new self-titled EP.


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  1. Matthew July 30, 2012 at 8:28 am #

    Laura got ignored! 😥

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