24 Jul

Who else in the world is actually looking forward to Summer ending? I know those of you who go to school are probably dreading it, but with this heat, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to a cool down. One thing that gets me all fired up (much like this inferno we’ve all been living through) is music. Music is one of the things that everyone can appreciate and it’s also one of the things that can be so diverse, yet be accepted by everybody in the world. No matter if you’re into rap, country, pop, or bluegrass, you can still appreciate the talent that leaks out from all genres. With that being said, I bring you five videos for the week, each one very different from the other.

Wise Cub – Michigan (Orig. The Milk Carton Kids)

Manicanparty – Rebels in the Light

Right Away, Great Captain – Pytor

of Verona – Castles

Jack and White – How’s It Going To Be (Orig: Third Eye Blind)


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