Swear and Shake on The Deli

23 Jul

You’ve all seen this spectacular band appear on the site before. I can never say enough great things about Swear and Shake. They’re one of the most extraordinary bands I’ve come across in the last year. Hailing from New York, where there’s an endless list of music artists, Swear and Shake shine among the rest with their catchy lyrics, incredible harmonies, and smooth sound. I like to do everything I can to help promote a band and I’m asking for your help. The band is up for a spot to become Artist of the Month over on The Deli, popular music blog based in NYC.

Help Swear and Shake achieve to be featured on such a widely recognized site. Go vote for the foursome, it will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something great on this Monday morning!

Here is Swear and Shake’s latest music video, The Light.


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