It’s Been Awhile

15 Jul

As you can see, Sounds That Matter is back and it’s looking quite different. The hosting site that it was on, continually got hit by viruses and I was getting pretty fed up with the whole thing. Instead of dealing with it on an ongoing basis, I’ve decided it’s best to go back to my roots. I’m ecstatic to be back and boy, do I have a ton of new music for you all. Coming up in the next week, you’ll find new playlists, new interviews, and new videos. Speaking of new videos, I’d like to present to you a couple of videos that have been playing in my household non-stop. Thank you all for appreciating what I do. It’s a ton of hard work keeping up a music blog, but in the end, it’s totally worth it to be able to spread music to ears that are accepting of extraordinary talent.

Stephen Ridley – Hurricane (His new album, Butterfly in a Hurricane, was just released. Be sure to purchase it).

Jared Foldy – Sleeping in the Snow (Jared’s been on the site before, but his music never gets old. He’s one hell of a musician. Purchase his EP, Everyone’s Singing, here).

Daniella Mason – Where Are You (Her album, Throw Me Around the World, is out in stores/iTunes).


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