Girls, Girls, Girls

20 Mar

I come across so many talented women in music these days, so I figured for my first “Smitten” post, I’d feature a few of the goddesses who not only empower me daily, but gives me a sense of completion. I hope these voices find a way into your own heart.

Terra Naomi – I found out about Terra through YouTube. I saw her performing one of her original songs, Say It’s Possible, and fell in love. The lyrics to this song especially hit a soft spot (at the time I discovered this, I was going through a pretty epic breakup). There are a lot of things I love about this girl: her vocal range, her lyrics, and the way she sings each and every word like it’s the last word she’ll ever speak.

Shelly Fraley – I’ve included Shelly before on Sounds That Matter, so obviously I’m a fan of hers. I was especially excited to feature her in this because she just released her new album, Hush. The first time I heard it, I was speechless. Her creative abilities have gotten even better since the last time she was on the site. The new album features songs touches on topics such as suicide, secret love, and new love. Don’t be afraid to jump on the Shelly bandwagon, I’ll be there to greet you.

Ella Mae Bowen – This girl has literally been making music her entire life. At the age of three, she wrote her own alternate lyrics to a song she had heard at school; by seven she started performing at local talent shows, and now that she’s all grown up, she’s achieved what every artist dreams of – having her song featured on a movie soundtrack (“Holding Out For A Hero” on the Footloose soundtrack). I actually discovered her from watching that movie and I’m sure glad I did. Although I’m not the biggest country music fan, I do notice talent, and this girl has lots of it.

Emy Reynolds – This fabulous girl didn’t start her music path until she was in High School. From there, she joined choir and, realizing the knack she had for singing, she took to writing her own lyrics and performing at local venues. The raspiness of her voice is the first thing that caught my attention, the second was the lyrics to the song I’ve included below. Have you ever had one of those moments where you hear a song for the first time but it feels like you’ve listened to it millions and it’s on your list of number ones? Well, that happened to me with her song, Bring Us Down. I hope this song gets added to your number ones as well.

Holley Maher – Another face that has graced the site before, Holley has a talent that leaves a lot of others in the dust. Her voice is smooth and elegant, as if you should be whispering the lyrics due to the tenderness of what is being sung. She’s a jack of all trades and an expert in all things creative. One of the biggest reasons I love her music is because when listening to her songs, I feel as if I don’t have a care in the world. I highly recommend Holley Maher if you’re feeling like you need to shake away the dark clouds and look forward to brighter days.

Terra Naomi – I’ll Be Waiting

Shelly Fraley – Crush

Ella Mae Bowen – Holdin’ Out For A Hero

Emy Reynolds – Bring Us Down

Holley Maher – Perfect Day

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