Gun Lake

14 Feb

They were nominated for three awards and took home all of them. This band has definitely got it goin’ on. Michigan natives, Mark Fain, Peter Felsman, Ryan O’Reilly, and Macklin Underdown, formed in 2010 and have not missed one beat since. Their album, Balfour, was released last year and is still one of my ultimate favorites. The harmonies combined with the exceptional lyrics could turn anyone into a fan. So far in their career, they’ve graced many stages, playing their hits for music lovers. They also had the great opportunity of playing for Daytrotter, one of the most popular websites around, bringing emerging artists straight into your hearts.

Each of the bands/artists that were up for awards deserved a win, but it was Gun Lakes fans that came through and voted them to the finish line. I had the honor of welcoming them into my living room last year, where they performed a few songs from their latest album. Click here to view. As time passes, the band keeps getting better and better and I truly look forward to seeing what they have in store for 2012.

Congratulations to Michigan boys, Gun Lake.

Here’s Mark singing, Trees, from a solo show he did last year. This just gives you a tiny preview at just how exceptional their music is.


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