16 Dec

“We all found something new and exciting to live for when Vanaprasta started, we want to share that feeling with you.

Bands such as Muse and Radiohead have always had a tight grip on the definition of Rock and Roll. As a band, trying to come out with a sound that is so well put together, it easily blends into something that is so unique it can never be mimicked, is nearly impossible. Many have tried for years to reach that state, but have failed, only to find that their sound just wasn’t big enough. Then came Vanaprasta. Five guys from California came together and started creating music that blew many critics away. Their debut album is said to be one of the best of the year and personally, I’d have to agree. It’s fully-charged Rock and Roll and is a high impact ride from start to finish. I got to talk to Collin Desha and Cameron Dmytryk about their much anticipated album and learn more about this hard hitting band from Los Angeles.

Q. There are a total of five members in your band and you all create such a wonderful dynamic. How did you meet to form your band?

A. Cameron: Steve and Taylor had been playing in a band that just split up. They happened to move into the same apartment I had just moved into to start a new project together. Once they brought me in I brought in Smiley, a drummer I worked with at recording studios, and Collin happened to work at the same restaurant Steve worked at. It really fell into our laps.

Q. While reading more about your band, I saw that since your very first jam session, you were all instantly connected through music. Since forming, what has been a few of the best times in your band?

A. Cameron: Touring is the best times. First time we went to NY, Collin got decked in the face in the first 10 minutes we stepped foot in a bar, for like no fucking reason! Stuff we look back and laugh at. Also, recently we had a festival (Camchella) for my birthday and we headlined it in our driveway along with like 10 of our favorite local bands and friends. That’s whats crazy about the Silver Lake/Echo Park area. You grow as friends with your band and get to grow as friends with other local acts you respect. The scene here feels very united right now, and as a band it’s easily the most enjoyable and rewarding part.

Q. You just released your first full-length album, Healthy Geometry. What is the inspiration behind the title of this record?

A. Cameron: Basically it runs like a geometric metaphor for your life as a road map…the different directions and angles you take are completely predetermined by your own actions and resistance. If you’re in a rut and you’re just continuing full circle in that rut, you’ll never grow. We all found something new and exciting to live for when Vanaprasta started, we want to share that feeling with you.

Q. The sound on this record is so different than what I’ve heard this past year. It’s completely refreshing. While recording the album, were there any hiccups and how did you overcome them?

A. Cameron: Several hiccups. We recorded the album twice and scrapped them both; one time in Portland and one time in LA. Both times it just didnt translate with the same intensity as the live show. Luckily, Dave Schiffman understood that and tracked us all live, creating that expansive, energetic feel you get on the finished album.

Q. Many has said that they were waiting years on this record to be released and now that it is, they cannot quit playing it. Has there been a change in the way you’ve approached success since receiving all of these wonderful reviews or do you continue to take it day by day?

A. Cameron: No change. We always are pining for more and more. The wonderful reviews also remind you that where we go from here musically is even more important and impactful. We wanna continue to grow and experiment as a band and while we do, Healthy Geometry can be enjoyed by the fans that made it possible.

Q. Say someone has never before heard your band. What song would you choose off of your new album for them to listen to?

A. Collin: I always tend to lean to Supernumerary or Nine Equals Nine. I always felt it’s captured our direction that we are moving in.

Q. With the new year approaching, what things do you have on the task list?

A. Collin: We plan on tracking 7 or so songs that is more acoustic driven stuff that we want to release in February, I believe. After that it’s hopefully lots of touring on the new album. There are a few other BIG ideas we are playing with that we will probably be putting out later in the year. We feel a lot of momentum right now and I think the goal is to continue to keep the momentum up; nice and steady wins the race.

Q. You mention in your biography having “stadium sound.” When I think of that term, I think of bands like Muse or later legends like Led Zeppelin. Not being able to play stadiums just yet, how do you deal with playing smaller venues and letting your sound explode into the walls?

A. Collin: Well, from a technical stand point, we have a really talented sound guy named Dan. He has been crucial in helping us develop our sound and evolve with different venues. Sometimes it becomes difficult to play certain songs due to not having a large enough PA or a PA that can’t really get the sounds we are looking for. When we run into that problem, we basically take the production level of our set back a notch and just bring as much fucking energy we can without making peoples ears bleed.

Q. Other than being a band that spreads like wildfire, what are a few of your other goals?

A. Collin: Haha, Taylor has written a whole script for our record and we’d love to do a sort of long form music video. I think we are just looking to create albums that have a foundation in rock music but yet have a cutting edge to it. Whether its electronic influenced or maybe just genre’s we have been influenced by. We are hungry writers and all 5 of us write, so there is tons of material to dive into. We want to tour a lot and get our music out. Festivals are a no brainer and we’d love to start getting our show out to major festivals.

Q. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. Collin: Haha, one of OUR songs? That’s a hard question, I guess I would probably want Self Indulgent Feeling. Seems like a good song to listen to if you were stranded on an island.

Here is one of my favorites, G-.


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