Wintry Chills

3 Dec

(click the picture to take you to the mix)

We all have those songs that we can listen to once or even one hundred times and each time, it gives us goosebumps. Those are the same songs that get us through the hurdles we face and through the moments of happiness. I’ve hand-picked thirteen songs that have changed me. Each song in it’s own right has carved a place in my heart and will remain there forever. I’ve been working on this playlist for awhile, picking out each song that would achieve the type of feel I wanted it to give off. Now that it’s winter, we all need some music that is so beautiful and inspiring, it makes you feel as if you’re wrapped in a warm blanket. Each artist/band featured on this playlist has agreed to give away their song for free, so feel free to download the ones you love, or download the entire mix, it’s your call. Merry Christmas from Sounds That Matter.


Pengilly’s – Toby’s Hill

Noah East – Rare Form

Brie Stoner – Delicate Hour

Ranger – Trees

Colorfeels – Pretty Walk

Night Beds – There Was Enough/Rest

Marie Hines – Long Way To Letting Go

Stacey Randol – Battled Feet

Jared Foldy – Sleeping In the Snow

Gun Lake – Really Something

Neulore – Eve

Field Mouse – You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom

Not A Planet – Turn Me On

Please be sure to check out each artist and follow up on all of their other tunes. Thank you to Ron Howard, a fantastic guy who handles stuff over at Fusion Shows, for donating the beautiful winter cover art.


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