29 Nov

iloveranger and you should too. This band has so many fantastic things going for them. Frontgirl, Stephanie Kincheloe, has a voice that could make the hairs on the back of anyone’s neck stand up, their songwriting is fresh and inventive, and their overall charm has many swooning for this band. With everything so hard to come by, it’s no wonder many artists/bands turn to sites such as Pledge Music and Kickstarter to help fund their records. Personally, I think it’s one of the most fantastic things to come along in awhile. Having fans donate to help their favorite artist create music is a great way of not only making the fan feel more involved, but also helping the artist continue to do what he/she/they love. What is more perfect than that?

Ranger has joined forces with Kickstarter and is preparing to record a brand new record, but need their fans help. Whether you’re a new fan, an old fan, or have no idea who Ranger even is, take a look at their project in the making. Helping fund someones dreams will not only make you feel like a rock-star yourself, but it will also be helping great music stay alive.

Click here to read up on the project and don’t forget to help donate to a band that could soon be dominating the music charts.


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