Blood and Water

10 Nov

Growing up, I was so into Alternative/Rock music…it’s all I ever listened to. Here lately, it seems like I listen to a lot more Folk/Indie type stuff that when I come across some really great Alternative bands, my ears remember how much it adores that sound. When I listened to Blood and Water for the first time, the likeness was instantaneous. The five-piece is currently living in San Francisco, California and just released their second album, In Character. Here is the short questionnaire that singer, Brad Hagmann answered for Sounds That Matter.

The song I’d love to cover is “Amateur” by Nada Surf. I’ve dreamt of one day covering “Africa” by Toto, but it seems Matt Thiessen beat me to the punch.

Today’s music doesn’t have enough originality.

One of the things that connects me to a song is the honesty of the lyrical content. If a song feels contrived to me, I instantly disconnect. I need honesty, no matter how jarring or upsetting.

One of the most exciting things about being on stage is the fact that each song takes on a new identity and meaning with each performance. It’s a chance to communicate exactly how I’m feeling with the audience each night, regardless of the actual set-list.

If I could better myself at one thing, musically, it would be to play the guitar better, while doing backflips. That would be rad.

Here is “Secondhand” off of their latest.

For more information on Blood and Water, click here to be directed to their site.


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