Inspiring Art

4 Nov

Each day, my list of music that inspires me gets longer and longer so, I thought it would be a good idea to feature three new additions to my ever-growing list. You may have never heard some of the artists/bands listed, and if that’s the case, be sure to give each and every one a chance.


Frontman, Afie Jurvanen, is one of the most incredible new artists I’ve come across. His soulful voice is as smooth as silk and his lyrics are truly one of a kind. His debut album, Pink Strat, is a recent favorite of mine and I often find myself completely zoning out, focusing on each and every word that comes out of his mouth. Look this man up, I beg you.

In Tall Buildings

Ah, Chicago. The big city is in no short supply of talent. It’s so full of extraordinary talent that you’re able to walk in any bar on any given night and hear it for yourself. Eric Hall is the man behind In Tall Buildings. The mulch-instrumentalist, who wrote the album out of heartbreak (which just so happens to always end up being the best albums, right?), has received fantastic reviews. His blood, sweat, and tears are ingrained in this album and every song speaks for itself. You’re honestly missing out on a great thing if you pass this one up.

Codes In The Clouds

I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned on the site how much I love post-rock. The almost numbing affect it gives off, leaving you in a state of pure bliss. I’ve often said that sometimes you just don’t need words to express how you’re feeling. The band, Codes In The Clouds, is one of those bands that can take your mood up a few notches, just with the sound of their instruments. Composed of six members, they’ve been pegged as, “the ones to watch.” If you’re into this genre, or better yet, if you’re needing a mood-lifter, try out this band, your day will be turned around in an instant.


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