3 Nov

Sometimes artists hit the jackpot. They know someone in the music business that gets them ahead of the long never-ending line, they work for years and years and finally get discovered, or they go on national television and enter a contest (not to mention the many other ways of becoming a world-wide success). The BGP entered America’s Got Talent, blew the judges away, and gained many admiring fans along the way. Their newest release, Love and Rent, has captured my attention and I cannot get enough of this fantastic three-piece. Take a dash of The Fray add a bit of Hall & Oates and toss in unbelievable vocals and melodies and you’ve got The BGP. If you’re curious about the front man of The BGP, here is Brandon Ghorley answering this weeks edition of Short and Sweet Questionnaire.

The song I’d love to cover is “Bell Bottom Blues” by Derek and the Dominos

Today’s music doesn’t have enough wit.

One of the things that connects me to a song is the beat.

One of the most exciting things about being on stage is someone could literally show up to the show that night, with the intent to commit suicide the next day, and because of the power of the music being performed, their mind could be changed, and their legacy forever altered. One show. One performance. I believe the power is real. I love that.

If I could better myself at one thing, musically, it would be: I took a listen to the last BGP record recently (“Love and Rent”) and asked myself some hard questions about the songwriting. While I’m proud of the record, I believe that I can be better as a lyricist; more raw and provocative. I think maybe I went through a faze where I was a little happy-go-lucky.

Enjoy the official video for “Heartbreak Heartbreak.”


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