Handsome and Gretyl

1 Oct

“If you really have a dream, you just can’t give up so soon. Ups and downs will come along the way, so I just try to remind myself of my dreams and that I love music.”

Handsome and Gretyl are a duo of two incredible talents who happen to also be in love. The love they share is easily noticeable in their lyrics and performance. Currently living in Nashville, TN, the happily married couple have been working hard on releasing their music to the masses, but also working on their education. I recently interviewed the two and learned more about the duo who are turning heads.

Q. You two met while living in Vancouver, both studying music. What made you two move to Nashville to pursue your music dreams?

A. Gretyl: We actually moved to Nashville so Brett could go to school for audio engineering, but we had a feeling that something would happen with my songwriting. I love the Northwest, and would have never thought to go to Nashville, but I see now that my music dreams needed a little boost. I don’t know if we will stay in the south, but looking back, I can see why we needed to be here for a time. A songwriter marrying an audio engineer isn’t the worst set up in the world.

Q. You just released your debut EP, Hold on Tight Love. What was one of the best memories while recording the songs in studio?

A. Gretyl: I loved how Darling came about. We started writing it together a few months before and just couldn’t finish it, so we put it away. Then when we were choosing the songs for the EP. I really wanted a sweet, lively song to complete it. We thought of Darling, and ended up finishing it in about 10 minutes, then we thought, “This song needs a ukelele!” So, we went out and bought one.

Q. If you were to decide on one city to play a sold out show in, where would it be and why?

A. Gretyl: How about every city? If I had to choose one I would say Seattle since it feels like home there, and most of my family and friends are there.

Brett: I think it would be awesome to play New York City. There is a lot happening there and not only with music. The city has a really cool vibe and a sold out show would definitely be a great memory to make.

Q. During your career in music, has there ever been a time where you felt discouraged and maybe wanted to try something else in life?

A. Gretyl: Yes, every once in a while when things aren’t really happening I doubt myself. I’ve come to believe that hard work eventually pays off and sometimes things are happening even if we don’t see them happening. If you really have a dream, you just can’t give up so soon. Ups and downs will come along the way, so I just try to remind myself of my dreams and that I love music.

Q. What is the one piece of advice that someone has given you that you felt has helped you in your journey?

A. Gretyl: Surround yourself with inspiring people, people that are doing their dreams. It rubs off on you, and then you start to rub off on others. Then the world is better.

Brett: I agree with Gretyl and would add that you can’t give up. There’s so many people trying to do music these days that it can seem like you won’t make it but if music is what you were made to do then it will work out for you. It seems like a lot of work, and it is, but you just have to remind yourself that you are doing what you love. It could always be worse.

Q. If you could change one aspect of the music business, what would it be?

A. Gretyl: I think all creatives should just be who they are, even if it doesn’t look or sound normal. I think it’s sad when people change their appearance, personality, and music to fit into a mold. There are so many truly real people out there, and that is how I try and live, too.

Q. Currently, there are a lot of duo’s pursuing music. What are a few of the things that you think make you stand out above the rest?

A. Brett: From what I’ve heard it seems like people enjoy our live show because we play as many instruments as we possibly can with just the two of us. The EP has more going on than we can play live, but we come pretty close. There’s also always a chuckle when I mention I am in a duo called Handsome and Gretyl. As far as standing above the rest, we are just glad when we find people who appreciate the music.

Q. What are some of the things in life that inspire you to write a song?

A. Gretyl: Love. Struggles. Hope. The good and the bad in life. I think you can find good in any bad situation, so I just try and stay hopeful. I love me a happy ending.

Q. If you could choose one opening act to play with you, who would it be and why?

A. Gretyl: I’m not sure about opening act, but we would love to open up for Brooke Fraser, William Fitzsimmons, Jon Foreman, or Feist because they’re my favorites.

Q. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. Brett: I’d probably pick Darling. It would keep my spirits up.

Gretyl: I would have to agree. I always smile during that song.

Here’s a darling video for their song, Dream, off of their recent EP.


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