The CO

21 Sep

“If you choose to be an artist you will hit the “wall”, the moment in time where you decide to devote your life to something bigger than you or give in and give up. We’ve each climbed that wall and we’ll climb it again if we have to.”

There are songs that come to you at the perfect moment in your life; whatever you’re going through, that one song can pick up all of your broken pieces and put you back together. When I first heard The CO’s music, specifically “Keep It Together,” which is a song full of hope, making you feel as if there really is a light at the end of the tunnel, it did exactly what the guys wanted it to do for fans of their music; it mended me. Collin Brace, Troy Akers, and Nate Fleming produce such an organic, full of life sound, that I wouldn’t be surprised of these three men win the hearts of many music lovers across the world. I recently interviewed Collin and Nate and learned much more about the hardworking threesome.

Q. How did the three of you meet to form, The CO?

A. Nate: Collin (Singer) and Troy (Piano) started the band after meeting each other during their freshman year of college in 2004. I (Nate/drums) joined the group in 2007 when I met Troy and Collin in a creative writing class. At that time we were more of a hard rock band called Kennedy. After some redirection towards a more pop/rock sound, we changed the name to TheCO in 2009.

Q. You’re currently living in Nashville, TN, where a ton of aspiring artists work at their craft. What are a few of the things you’ve learned while living in such a musical city?

A. Nate: I think that Nashville truly is a great place to be making music right now. There is such a great mix of established artists and producers along with up and coming bands like us. One of the most important things that we have learned is to make sure that you are fully taking advantage of every opportunity that arises. With there being so much talent and innovation, both in music production and on the business side, the possibilities are endless in this town.

Q. You just released your self titled album last year. What were some of the most memorable things that happened while recording the album?

A. Nate: What I remember most about recording this album is that it was mostly recorded in the middle of the night, haha. Because we were funding this album all on our own, we had to try and pull as many favors as possible to keep the cost low. This included only being able to use the studio space after normal operations were done for the day. Looking back at it now, I can say that it was probably one of the biggest bonding experiences that we have ever had.

Q. During the recording process, what were a few of the things you all wanted to accomplish?

A. Nate: Our main goal was to come out with an album that was true to us and our sound. We also wanted to make sure to capture some of the strength and power of our live performance. Our songs tend to encompass heavy, powerful lyrics and we needed to make sure that the music was epic enough to back it up.

Q. Do you feel like you each bring something different to the table? What are some of the things you feel you’re each strong at?

A. Nate: Definitely. Collin is the business mastermind of the group for sure. His knowledge of the music business and law never ceases to amaze me. Troy is the social media guru and online presence of the band. He is unbelievable at connecting with fans and creating a fantastic online appearance for us. While Collin and Troy are the songwriters, I am kind of the behind the scenes scientist of the group. I work mostly on producing tracks and arranging for our music. I strongly think that this is why we have such a powerful team in place. With our combined expertise, there is nothing we can’t handle.

Q. Your music has been used on numerous TV shows and films. How did you feel hearing your music on such popular networks such as MTV?

A. Collin: It’s so much fun. It’s always great to see your art used in collaboration with someone else’s talent, TV is a very exciting way to hear a song you wrote in a whole new way, like hearing it again for the first time.

Q. If you were best known for only one of your songs, which one would you choose and why?

A. Collin: This is an incredibly tough question, haha. Troy and I have written so many songs in the past 7 years that tell something about us or say something that needed to be said. I would say, Keep It Together, is my choice of a song, Troy and Nate would have other choices most likely. I started writing “Keep It Together” because of something my wife was going through at the time, a disappointment that had hit us both to the ground, and it was something that we needed to hear to get us back on our feet. I took the song to Troy and from there it turned into what I would say is now our core heartbeat. It’s truly a rescue song, and we hope to be that kind of music.

Q. You’re currently writing your new album. What sorts of things can your fans expect from this one?

A. Collin: We push each other a lot when it comes to creativity, I hope people hear our hearts. We expect each other to write and perform our best at every level, so the listener should expect the same from us. No shortcuts or cheap shots to the ear or heart.

Q. Name a few of the things that you think are the most challenging things about being in a band?

A. Collin: Very much the same challenges as being in a family. We’ve learned a lot about overcoming obstacles together, we have a lot of trust and faith in one another when it comes to storms and curve-balls that get thrown our way. The hardest hurdle we’ve had to face is never giving up, inevitably if you choose to be an artist you will hit the “wall”, the moment in time where you decide to devote your life to something bigger than you or give in and give up. We’ve each climbed that wall and we’ll climb it again if we have to.

Q. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. Collin: That’s an impossible question to answer! That’s like choosing your favorite child or family dog, I can’t do it! I would take “If I Go, I’m Goin” by Gregory Alan Isakov one of my favorite songs by a guy from Boulder CO.

Here’s The CO’s newest video, CAMO, off of their new EP. Enjoy.


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