Vito Emmanuel

31 Aug

I just wasn’t really writing any new music for my hard rock bands so I had decided to just start writing what came to me more naturally

This week I’m all about being positive and one thing that’s helped that along is happy music. Vito Emmanuel is the epitome of music that makes you want to get up and move. Formed by singer, Brandon Migliorisi, the band has been hard at work finishing their debut EP. If you are into music that’s up-temp0/dancey, look no further. I got to interview Brandon not too long ago and learned a lot more about this new band on the scene.

Q. How did your band, Vito Emmanuel, form and currently who is a part of the band?

A. This band was formed by Brandon Migliorisi (me).  My current bands were always hard rock bands. I enjoy playing hard rock, but I don’t listen to hard rock in my free time. I wanted to do something different, something happy, and something where I made ALL the decisions. I just wasn’t really writing any new music for my hard rock bands so I had decided to just start writing what came to me more naturally. To my surprise, everything written was very up-tempo, dancey, DJ rock that’s light hearted and fun. I named the band after the two names my parents had chosen for me (which is another story in itself). Then much later found out that both of my great grandfather’s names were Vito and Emmanuel. Quite the coincidence. I (Brandon) am the only static member in the band. I like the idea of having all the say in what goes on and trying new things the way I see fit. Every song is written to have the ability to be played just the way they’re currently played (having 8 people involved) or being able to be played by me on a piano or acoustic guitar. The live members of the band currently include:

Kevin McNamee (percussion), Olivia Toller (violin, backing vocals), Kristi Kruer (ukulele, backing vocals), Morgan Genevieve (Backing vocals), Ben Brown (turntables and synths), and Zac Roe (bass, backing vocals).

Q. You currently have two songs streaming on your Facebook page, Cough Cough and Ask God the Astronaut. Do you have more songs in the works or plans to release an upcoming EP?

A. The EP is (as of very recently) finished. It has five original songs on it and is in the process of being duplicated for sale at shows and in stores as well as iTunes and Amazon. The following album is almost finished as well and has 6, maybe 7, new tracks on it.  We believe the first album will be released in the beginning of October.

Q. For someone who hasn’t yet heard your music, how would you describe it in one sentence?

A. Up-tempo, dancey, DJ rock that’s light hearted fun music!

Q. What are a few of the reasons you started playing music? What were some of the things that inspired you to get into this industry?

A. When I was in the 6th grade, my mom was speaking with my teachers about my grades while I sat in the car and listened to the radio. The whole time in the car I was freaking out because I just knew what this meant for me. I would probably get into trouble for not having my grades up and I couldn’t stand the idea of my mother being disappointed in me.  It was at that moment that an interview with a band that I wasn’t really even into came on the radio. The guys in the band were talking about growing up and not having very good grades in school. They had mentioned that music might be the best way to make a living for themselves (just playing in bars and such). They bought guitars and started learning, then showed up to a big show that they weren’t even booked at and set up their equipment. When the show ended a man in crowd came up to them to tell them he was at that show to sign one of the other bands that had played, but he was so thoroughly impressed with their sound that he had decided to sign them. Immediately after the interview was over I saw my mother coming out of the school building. She had a serious look on her face, I knew it, I was dead meat. My parents had always wanted me to play piano or something, this caused me to think of an old guitar in our house. As soon as the car door opened I blurted out “I wanna learn how to play that guitar that’s just sitting in the closet”. My mom looked at me and said “Really, you really want to learn”? That seemed to have caused total avoidance of having to speak one word about my grades. We talked the whole ride home about lessons. From there I went on to take lessons and learn bass, piano, mandolin, drums (including the written tab and scoring) as well as a few other instruments. Now I’m addicted to the music!

Q. What is the one song that you can confidently say is one of the best written songs ever? I know it’s hard to choose just one, but which one really stands out in your mind?

A. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. That song is EPIC in every way! Loaded with harmonies, killer solos and changes! It’s my song of songs.

Here is one of my new favorite songs, “Cough Cough.” Enjoy.


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  1. Paul Kingston February 25, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    Saw these guys a couple weeks ago! Holy shit! They’re local?!?!

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