16 Aug

“If there’s anything that I feel worthy of dedicating my life to, it’s music.”

He’s talented in many things, however it was music that won over his heart. Jhameel is one artist who had other options in life, but chose music because that’s what he truly loves. So many people struggle with what they want to do for the rest of their lives, but some people grow up and just know. When it comes to music, I think it’s an obvious choice. Music heals us all and to be surrounded by something that has the magic of doing that, it’s hard not to be mesmerized. Jhameel has been working hard on his passion for years. He’s inspired by all types of genres and aspires to produce many different sounds. I recently interviewed him to learn that although he’s accomplished so much, he continues working harder everyday.

Q. As I read from your biography, you’re talented in many things, not just music. What it is about the music industry that made you want to choose that path?

A. Music is one of the most complete and powerful forms of communication.  I think few things are quite as immediately emotionally impacting, so if there’s anything that I feel worthy of dedicating my life to, it’s music.

Q. What is one thing you would like to achieve that you haven’t yet achieved?

A. I like to play with genres and bend them to my own taste.  I think I did this well with funk, disco, classical etc. but I’ve yet to make a pure psychadellic rock sound that is my own.  That’s what the next album will offer.

Q. Who are some of the artists you believe are the backbone to this industry?

A. Jonsi and Phoenix.  Not only are these two artists making beautiful music that is meaningful and easy to listen to, but they are showing that a lot of the money you make in this industry comes from licensing to commercials and movies, not necessarily mp3 sales.

Q. If you were to go down a different path, not being music, what would it be and why?

A. I think I’d go into research, try to get into some company studying nanotechnology or some sort of bio tech.  I’m kind of a sci-fi nerd and a futurist, so these things spark my interest.

Q. Who in your life inspires you to work your hardest and get where you want to be in life?

A. My manager Ryan.  He is constantly putting his all into getting us where we need to be, always has the artistic integrity in mind, always excited and joyful about the future, and manages to push my productivity to a healthy pace.

Q. You made a video for, How Many Lovers. What was it like creating an official music video for the world to see?

A. It was extremely fun and gratifying.  I had a lot of pent up emotion from my ex-girlfriend and the breakup, so getting it out in a music video felt natural and exhilarating.  Working on my next video now, which is for “Shut Up” from the dance EP.  It’s turning out to be just as fun, if not more so.

Q. You’re a believer in releasing your music for free via the Internet. Why do you think that releasing it for free is the best way to get your music out in the world?

A. Because I don’t pay for mp3’s myself.  There are other avenues of revenue in music, and mp3 sales is not necessarily the best one.  Also, people will find your music free anyways, might as well make it easy.

Q. You just released a dance EP recently. For someone who has never heard your music, how would you describe your most recent release?

A. It’s a fun, electro/disco/funk/orchestral/dance side project.  It’s supposed to be an upbeat accompaniment to your summer.  It’s important to note that it’s engineered to sound best on large speaker systems, so DJ’s, please feel free to play it at clubs.

Q. Where do you hope your career to be in the next few years?

A. I hope to have enough of an audience and resources to fund some more ambitious projects, such as some more elaborate music videos and perhaps a feature film.

Q. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. “The Human Condition,”  because it’s a song that I find hard to get tired of, it offers something new every listen, it’s encouraging and bright, and it reminds me of my core values.

Here is his title track, The Human Condition.


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