These Animals

8 Aug

This past weekend I had the privilege of hosting an acoustic living room show for four amazingly talented individuals. Spending an entire evening hearing their music, getting to know them, and feeling like they’ve been your friends all your life makes for a special evening. Having the pleasure of getting to know them, I learned that they all have one thing in common; to have their music heard. As the night came to a close, These Animals succeeded in their goal; their music was heard. Everyone, including myself, couldn’t have been more impressed by the abilities that these four men brought to the stage.

Greg Baldwin, Will Whatley, Jon Rick, and Brian Crimmins all made an impact on me. Their music won over my heart and I’m more than happy that I could open up my living room to them.

These Animals left everyone with a souvenir that night; a box that was filled with their music, a box that was filled with their hopes and dreams.

To find out more about These Animals, click the picture above to be taken to their website. Currently, a record label is checking out These Animals to possibly sign them, however they’re basing part of their decision on activity centering around the band. They need your help to boost their decision, so please take a second and follow this link. All you have to do is “like” the Highway to Fame Facebook page, listen to submission three (These Animals song), and if you like it (which I don’t know why you wouldn’t) write a short, sweet message on the wall. Help a talented band grab the spotlight.

Here is “A Ghost You’ve Known.” Enjoy.


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