The New Limb

5 Aug

“We’re always hoping to evolve musically and sonically, and I think each of us has a different angle on how to do that which has made for a well rounded approach I think.”

To build a relationship with your fan base, it takes time, energy, and patience. The New Limb has succeeded in this and has held a firm grip on their presence in the world of music. With five different personalities streaming into one big pond of talent, fans can only expect this bands music to become more and more hard-hitting. Members Joey Chavez (vocals/guitar), Adam Chavez (drums/vocals), Lauren Salamone (keyboards/vocals), Dan Perez (guitar/vocals), and Dave Berg (bass), all joined in on the interview to answer some questions about their music, other’s music, and what we can look forward to from these guys (and girl) in the near future.

Q. How did you all get your start and form your band?

A. Lauren: The band began sometime in the summer of 2007. I got a call in mid July from the drummer, Adam. They were looking for a keyboardist. I had never been in a band before. I wasn’t that interested at first, and I didnt know Joey or Dan at all, but they sent me scratch demos of their songs with talk tracks over it and it was so hilarious I thought I had to at least try it out. After the first rehearsal there wasn’t really any question whether I was going to join or not. It was a done deal. Unfortunately though, we didn’t really start acting like a band til’ late 2008. And we didn’t get a bass player til’ April of 2010. But everything is settling in now. I think we’re in a good place finally.

Q. Your band is composed of four guys and one girl. What is the dynamic like between the five of you?

A. Joey: It’s normal in that no partnership, whether your talking about a band or some other endeavor, is normal. I think we all try to meet in the middle. Nobody gets special treatment no matter what kind of reproductive organs they have. We help her out with heavy equipment, and she adds a different perspective of the world.

Q. What are a few of your hopes as a band for the future?

A. Dave: In the short term, we’re hoping that this coming EP will be well received and that we can tour it nationally. Also, we just started working on a “guitarless” auxiliary set that is leading us down some interesting paths. It’d be fun to do some recordings/live sessions of that. We’d love to play Fallon and Daytrotter.  And now that we’re done tracking the EP, I think we’re all excited to get into the studio and start tracking the next full length, but we’ve got some things to do before then. We’re always hoping to evolve musically and sonically, and I think each of us has a different angle on how to do that which has made for a well rounded approach I think.

Q. What would you consider your biggest break that you have had in the industry so far?

A. Dan: I think, by nature, that the biggest break will always feel like the most recent one. Each “break” we get is quickly overshadowed by the fresher, more exciting break tomorrow will bring. Also, I don’t think I know enough about the industry yet to be able to measure the relative size of our breaks. BUT that said, it has been really exciting getting some Angelino attention. From radio to blogs to A&Rs to LA bands to new excited fans, I think our recent residency gave us some buzz that is triggering a series of exciting breaks.

Q. You released your debut album, Sounds People Can Hear. What was it like recording your first album and what would you improve on with the next album?

A. Adam: It’s been really great working with all the people to put together the full length. We had a great producer and great engineers to really help us lock in all the sounds we were trying to lock in. It definitely tool a lot of work on our part as well too, being that we recorded most of it in our home studio. Overall, we loved it and have learned a lot from the experience (specifically rephrasing chords, counter melodies, and overall refining our sound) and hopefully those lessons have translated to our next EP which is currently being mixed.

Q: What should your fans look forward to with your next album?

A. Joey: Our next album is a commentary on commentaries. All of the songs will fit together like scenes in a play, telling a story about people’s need for hierarchy and criticism of other’s works. The main character will be a teenage girl who can’t create art and so tries to get self-worth from collecting, categorizing and feeding her opinions to others. The music will be more pop oriented than our previous record. We want it to be placeable for TV shows and movies so we can make money while denouncing critics and trend-setters.

Q. You’re all living in California. What is the music dynamic like there and do you think it helps your bands success?

A. Lauren: The music dynamic is definitely different from city to city. We just moved from Orange County up to Los Angeles and we can definitely feel the change. We have super loyal fans in Orange County, but in L.A. we gain more new listeners more often. There’s pros and cons to both music scenes I think. So far, living in L.A. has helped us out a lot in a short time. Every show is opening new doors of opportunities and we’ve in general met several more people interested in the kind of music we’re making. But I think that’ll happen in any major city. There’s just more diversity, and therefore more opportunities to find fans interested in you. Not to say that you can’t be successful in a small town. You definitely can. It’s just all about reaching the right people.

Q. Who do you think are some of the artists who deserve to get recognition for their hard work?

A. Dave: A couple bands that come to mind are: Warpaint, Christina Perri, Local Natives, and Young the Giant. So many of our friends and local artists have had their hard work pay off recently. I think recognition is a byproduct of hard work and it has been very inspiring to see friends of ours doing so well. For those that haven’t been recognized yet I think it’s just a matter of time.

Q. What is one of the best live shows you have played and what do you think you can do to top it (if any)?

A. Adam: It would probably be our CD release for “Sounds People Can Hear”. We headlined the House of Blues Anaheim where we had the priviledge of playing with other great local bands and had the support of our family, friends and fans. It was really a special night and actually a little emotional just considering the amount of effort it took to make the album happen and having all the people close to us there to celebrate with us. Playing the Hollywood Bowl might have to top that, or maybe touring Europe or something.

Q. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. Dan: Oh wow, that’s tricky. If I could pick any song ever it probably wouldn’t be a New Limb song, but if it HAD to be, possibly “We Were Children.” I remember Joey showing me the song idea early on and being excited about putting it on the record. When it came time to record it I had had no part in writing it or arranging the parts. The only thing I had to do on that song is record a guitar part. So it’s pretty easy for me to listen to that song and not feel the need to criticize it. I feel like that song is more of a best friend to me while the other songs on the record are like little sisters.

Here is a great video for an even greater song, Birds and Stuff.


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