Paul Rosevear

2 Jun

“When you try to write something, those turn out horrible. You just gotta wait until they sneak up on you.”

Everyday I become more and more surprised at how much talent there is all over the world, yet a lot of these artist you can’t find on TV or hear on the radio. Paul Rosevear isn’t just a talented individual, but he also has a uniqueness about him that most artists crave. His music has grabbed the attention of many and it’s only just the beginning of his career. Growing up, Paul was surrounded by music, which in turn influenced the rest of his life. Striving to make it in the music business, Paul Rosevear is currently working hard to prove that he has what it takes to make it. Recently, I interviewed Paul and had the privilege of getting to know him a little better.

Q. How did you get your start in music and what really inspired you to make this your path?

A. I was very influenced by the pastor at my family’s church growing up. He was young, tall, kind of had a cowboy thing to him. He told funny stories and he would play guitar and sing in front of the congregation.  I didn’t really like the act of going to church but I was rather captivated by him.

Q. From what I have gathered about you, you were surrounded by music from a young age. Who are a few of the artists who stick out in your mind that made you want to follow in their footsteps?

A. Some of my earliest memories of songs I loved are “Please Mr. Postman” by the Marvelettes, “Runaway” by Del Shannon and “Any Time At All” by The Beatles.

Q. You have played in a few bands based out of New Jersey and you’re now working on your solo career. What are some of the things that differ from being a solo artist as to being a band mate?

A. Less smelly.

Q. Who are some of the artists you’re currently listening to?

A. The Stones, Nina Simone, Ramones, Robert Johnson. There is so much to learn from them. Newer artists I like are Nicole Atkins, AA Bondy, Black Lips, and Justin Townes Earle.

Q. When you sit down and write a song, are there ever moments where you find it hard to convey your feelings on paper?

A. Yeah, when you try to write something, those turn out horrible. You just gotta wait until they sneak up on you.

Q. What is one song you feel has been your best?

A. I recently wrote a song called “Josephine” which I really like.

Q. If you could give advice to someone who is on the fence about starting up a career in music, what would that piece of advice be?

A. Get off the fence.

Q. If you had to play a show, but your set list could only be cover songs, which songs would be on that list?

A. “Marie” by Randy Newman, “Lucille” by Little Richard, “Only Lie Worth Telling” by Paul Westerberg, “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

Q. What is one goal you hope to accomplish within the next year?

A. To get off the fence.

Q. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. Well I must confess, that sounds like sheer torture. But if I had to pick one it might be “Portland.” I don’t get sick of playing it, I think because it is so simple. It is the All-American love story.

Here is, Portland, the all-American love story.


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