Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer

1 Jun

I often talk about artists that inspire me and many others around the world. Artists who can change your life with their music and get you through the darkest days. For many years now, that one artist for me has been Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer. Bryce Avary has an incredible talent that touches so many peoples lives. When I think about the dark days in my life and how I got through them, his music comes to mind.

Last year, I went to his show in Chicago and had one of the best nights of my life. While I was standing in the venue listening to him sing his heart out, moments of my life flashed through my mind; breakups that I’ve been through, people that have passed away, times when I thought I wouldn’t be able to face the next day. It was his music that made me want to continue hanging on.

Sometimes you wish you could switch places with someone else or go back in time and re-do the past, however it’s not a possibility. We are all on this earth to live out the lives that were given to us one day at a time. Most days we all need a little help in reminding us just how precious life is and for me, that help comes from music. Not just any music, but the kind that makes us believe that anything is possible. Bryce Avary creates the music that keeps me going forward and will always be one of the most inspirational artists I will have the privilege of listening to.


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