Barely Blind

14 May

“Barely Blind is a work in progress. We get together every single day to work on this record and it is our main focus right now. Music should be any bands main focus and we hope our fans respect us for that.”

There are a lot of bands out in the music world, hard at work and getting their music out into the public. One of those bands is Barely Blind. When I first came across their music, I loved everything about it. I became an instant fan and couldn’t wait to hear more of their work. Currently, they’re in the final stages of finishing up their new album and also moving their lives to Los Angeles, CA. I get the chance to peek into lots of musicians lives, but Barely Blind is one of the hardest working bands I’ve had the privilege of coming across. They’re all so dedicated and passionate about their work. Another thing I noticed is that they adore their fan base, which in my opinion, is important to feel from a band. Members Brad Cuccio (bass/vocals), Reid Guidry (guitar), Will Smith (drums), and Stephen Salisbury (guitar) are four best friends that are living out their dream. I spoke with Reid Guidry and got to learn more about this band and what they’re all about. Here is my interview with a great new band, Barely Blind.

Q. How did the four of you get started and form Barely Blind?

A. We all met in high school at the ages of 14 and 15 with the same passion for music. We decided to form a band, call it Barely Blind, and we’ve been rocking ever since.

Q. You are currently unsigned. If you were to become signed to a label, what non-negotiable items would you require in the contract?

A. We’d definitely want a lot of creative control. No one could ever tell us how to look or how to sound. We’re in control. We make the music we want to make. Just wait till you hear our new record! You’ll see!

Q. If you were best known for only ONE of your songs, which one would it be?

A. Probably one you haven’t heard yet. We have a ton of new material. I’m (Reid) sitting here thinking about it and I think it would be one of the 8 songs we are going to record next month. I do love our old songs like “Tommy With The Lights Out” and “Some Days Are Diamonds” though.

Q. What is one thing you want your fans to know about you?

A. Hmmm… Well, I definitely want everyone that we have met and that is into our band to know we are working so hard right now. I know a lot of people have been asking us to come to their towns and play for them. Barely Blind is a work in progress. We get together every single day to work on this record and it is our main focus right now. Music should be any bands main focus and we hope our fans respect us for that. When you hear this music you will understand. Be patient! Then we’ll get back on the road and come hang out with everyone as much as possible!

Q. I read that you are starting to record your first full-length album. What are some of the things your fans can expect?

A. An album. A journey. A lifestyle. A message.

Q. Lots of bands love to play pranks on each other during shows or on tour. Do you have any memories of a prank that you’ve played or one that’s been done on you?

A. We don’t like to prank too much really. Just like to chill and hang!

Q. What is the ultimate goal for Barely Blind?

A. To put this record out and go perform it live for everyone. We want people to come on this journey with us. We hope it’s a long and successful one, but being in a band is risky and that’s just the nature of the beast. We just want to express our opinions, feelings, and address this lifestyle we so strongly believe in.

Q. What is one of the hardest things about being in a band?

A. Nothing is really that hard when it’s what you love to do. Sometimes it’s tough seeing people buy into what some people decide to put out these days but again that’s just the nature of the beast.

Q. What has been the best piece of advice given to you since forming?

A. Well, we learned a lot since we decide to take our band on the road back in 2007 and begin this whole journey. The best advice is to be true to yourself and be real in everything you do. It will shine so much more when you’re doing what you love the way you want to do it.

Q. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. Definitely our song “Nature Of The Beast.” Go pick it up on iTunes!

Here is their song, “Nature of the Beast.” If you love the song, be sure to pick it up and also keep an eye out for their brand new album coming soon.


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