The Cost of Music

25 Mar

This morning I got to thinking, what makes an artist successful these days? Is it their talent? Their creativity? Is it just their overall presence that attracts people? For example, Chris Brown. This past week he released his brand new album and appeared on Good Morning America. Apparently, questions were asked that he did not care to talk about and afterward he threw a fit in his dressing room, destroying everything. That incident made his CD rise on the charts. What ever happened to being graceful in the music community? What ever happened to talent being the requirement to reach the top of the charts? It seems like these days all you really have to do is make a scene and you’ll have a number one record.

The music should be the only thing getting the attention. You shouldn’t have to embarrass yourself for all the public to see in order for your music to be heard.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”


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