Five Favorites

9 Mar

Lately, I’ve come across some amazing music. All of them are so excellent at their craft that I felt, why not give them some exposure for their hard work? Below are five of the videos that I can’t get enough of right now (obviously I’m also in love with the songs).

1. Robert Kelly – A fantastic new edition to the singer/songwriter scene, Robert is currently living in Nashville and is on the brink of his new record, “We Are Poetry” which will be released on March 29. Here is his brand new video, “Be Here Now.”

2. Laura Jansen – Based in Los Angeles, she is also releasing a new album, “Bells” on March 22. I recently saw her open for Joshua Radin and I instantly fell in love with her soothing voice and stage appeal. Here is her latest video, “Single Girls.” A perfect break up song.

3. Passenger – UK based singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg has enough talent to fill an entire stadium. He recently released his latest album, “Flight of the Crow” which I can’t get enough of. Here is his video for, “Rivers” featuring Lior.

4. The Damnwells – If you’re a regular on my blog, you know that The Damnwells are one of my favorite bands around. With a brand new record, “No One Listens to the Band Anymore”  being released on March 15, they’re about to go on tour to showcase their new tunes. Here is their latest video, “The Great Unknown.” If you have a chance to see them on tour, waste no time in buying a ticket because they’re even better live.

5. He Is We – A band that is definitely becoming more and more noticed as each day passes, He Is We just recently released their new record, “My Forever.” I had the opportunity to interview singer, Rachel Taylor a few months ago and learned that this young band is full of promise. They are currently out on tour and with the success of their latest album, it’s likely that they will be sticking around for a long time. Here is the new video, “Happily Ever After.”



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