6 Mar

“Playing a smaller show affords you interesting opportunities.”

Stamps is an indie-rock band from Los Angeles, California. They are no strangers to the music scene, with members from The Hush Sound and The Cab. Stamps consists of Bob Morris (vocals), Ren Patrick (organs/vocals), and Adam James (drummer). Wanting something different than the typical day to day routine of a rock and roll band, they began to write the music that they truly loved (when you listen to their music you’ll see that it’s inspired by the 60’s). A great thing about this band is they never stop having fun and they truly enjoy the entertainment aspect of the business.

Q. You all came from other bands such as The Hush Sound and The Cab. How did you all meet and form “Stamps”?

A. Ian and I (Bob) met on tour and we hit it off. He is a prodigy guitar player and such a kind and fun guy. We love to hug. It’s true, I have punched him in the face.

Q. What other musicians are you inspired by?

A. I’d say Dr. Dog, The Kinks, The Band, Motown, Nick Lowe, Phantom Planet, Easybeats, etc.

Q. What are some of your hopes as a band as the new year continues?

A. We hope to record another EP or two. We’d like to do a national tour. It’s a new and exciting challenge figuring out how to pinch pennies and get out to play. Our album, “Tramps” is available on our website ( for “Pay what you want.” It’s a much different game we’re playing from when I started in the Hush Sound.

Q. You have an EP “Tramps by Stamps” that was released on December 14 and then a free EP “Gramps by Stamps released soon after. What was the idea behind those two names?

A. Our band is into having fun. Why not have fun with our album titles, too? I mean, the album title can be a difficult thing to decide on. For instance, our band name changed 3 or 4 times before we chose Stamps. We almost called the album, “Teasing the Unadventurous,” but we chose “Tramps” because we are basically all vagrants who’ve traveled to Los Angeles and now we can’t move anywhere else. It’s too nice.

Q. What is one of the best memories from a live show you’ve played?

A. I have really enjoyed the smaller shows we’ve been doing with Stamps. Sure, it’s nice to play a sold out show with The Hush Sound, but playing a smaller show affords you interesting opportunities. I may talk about my stock portfolio to a group of 14 year olds, ask a 30 year old if he came with his parents, or beg the audience to take off their shoes and leave their cellphones at the edge of the stage. There are always interesting things happening at our shows.

Q. What do you feel are some of the major differences in being signed to a smaller label compared to a major label?

A. We have never really been signed to a major label and therefore do not know.  What I do know is that if you can fund your album yourself and promote it without a label, you might be better off.  The music industry is obviously struggling for a model right now. I just hope that the people making the music can make a little dough so they can still get a date.

Q. Between the four of you, you’ve toured with such acts as Fall Out Boy, OkGo, and Jack’s Mannequin. Is there a band you have yet to be on a bill with but hope to someday?

A. I think it would be great to tour with OkGo and Jack’s again. Our drummer, Adam and I also play in a band called “Debate Team” with Dan from OkGo. We’d love to tour with The Spinto Band, Dr. Dog, Wilco, Company of Thieves and I think when the time is right, it could be a lot of fun to share a month with Gold Motel, Greta’s band.

Q. What are some of your favorite venues to play in?

A. The Norva is amazing. The Henry Fonda is nice. El Rey… The Metro is probably still dearest to my heart, though.

Q. Are there any talks of a tour in the coming future?

A. We are doing a lot of west coast stuff until March. Then, we head to SXSW and beyond. Very excited to get to the Midwest and hopefully some East Coast Action.

Q. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. I would bring my haircut song… No one knows that one.

Here is “ATL to LA to ME.” If you love the song (and you will) go here and “name your price” for the entire EP. Remember, supporting music is something we should all do, so donate what you can and get an excellent six songs in return. 


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