He Is We

8 Feb

“The people that came to his shows were huge fans and we looked at that like, ‘Omg, I hope we can get to that.'”

The night I first heard of He Is We, they were opening for The Rocket Summer. I have never heard of the band before, but the crowd of people seemed to love them. I looked around the room to see fans singing along and clapping. I felt as if I was missing out on something amazing. The moment I got home, I looked up their website and instantly started streaming their songs. Artists that make that big of an impact on me are few and far between. He Is We consists of Rachel (vocals),  Trevor (acoustic guitar), Harry (drums), Carman (bass), and Aaron (electric guitar), and there is no doubt that they are here to stay. With plans to tour as much as possible, I would not miss out on the opportunity of seeing them live. I had the chance to speak with Rachel and learn more about this young band from Tacoma, Washington.

Q. What is the story of how you and Trevor met and began playing music?

A. We both got a job at an orchestra rental place. We related to one another because we were the only two working that were under forty. One night, we went to the fair with a bunch of friends and afterwards went to a friend’s house and started jamming together. From then, we realized we wanted to play music together.

Q. You’ve just released your first full-length album, “My Forever.” What’s in store for 2011?

A. The tour is being planned right now. 2011 is going to be all about touring, touring, touring. Nothing is confirmed yet, but we are going to play a few college shows.

Q. You’ve most recently toured with The Rocket Summer all over the US. What was it like opening for an act that has been playing to sold out shows for the last few years?

A. Extremely inspiring. The people that came to his shows were huge fans and we looked at that like, “Omg, I hope we can get to that.” His fans were so nice.

Q. If you were given the opportunity to open for any other bands, who would you dream to open for?

A. Kid Cudi, The Fray, One Republic, and Eminem. If Creed were to do a reunion show, we would be all about opening for them. They’re my dad’s favorite band, so I think he would really like that.

Q. Have you had any crazy fan encounters yet?

A. Yeah! I’m a huge fan of Justin Bieber and I was playing a show in Toronto and this kid runs up to me and starts screaming at me for no reason. I thought he was Justin Beiber.

Justin Bieber is the reason my boyfriend and I started dating.

Q. What are some of the things that inspire you to put the pen to paper?

A. I’m not good at describing how I feel when it comes to speaking. Writing is my way of venting. It’s easier for me to write it down and read it back.

Q. What was one of the first songs you’ve ever written and what was it about?

A. Radio. I was 14. It was about this boy I liked. No one else really liked him very much. He would always sit by himself and listen to music. There was something about him that really grabbed my attention.

Q. Looking back, what was the one show that sticks out in your mind as being one of the best shows you’ve ever played?

A. We played a leukemia benefit show at a high school. I fell in love with the little boy that it was for. It felt like I was doing something incredible and it was a blessing to have been asked to be a part of it.

Q. What has been your biggest challenge as a band and have you been able to overcome that challenge?

A. When we were asked to be a full band as opposed to acoustic it was weird. We had to get our music to the point where it had an acoustic feeling, but wasn’t. We practiced our butts off.

Q. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. Probably “And Run” because it would inspire me to find a way off of the island.

Here is their first single “Happily Ever After” off of their new record. Be prepared to hit repeat…it’s that good.


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