27 Oct

“I wish that GOOD MUSIC would be the next big thing in music, instead of super dumbed-down, over-sexual pop music!”

You may have heard of these guys before. Their music is catchy, they perform like there is no tomorrow, and their music just keeps getting better over time. The 4-piece band from Belle Vernon, PA consists of members Steve Soboslai (vocals/guitar), Chris Fafalios (bass/vocals), Paul Menotiades (guitar/vocals), and Cory Muro (drums). They’ve toured all over the world and have gained some very dedicated fans. I asked Steve Soboslai some pressing questions and learned that these guys love their fans just as much as their fans love them.

Q. Punchline formed in 1998. Since then, what has been your biggest success?

A. In our eyes there is enough success in having a decade plus under our belts. We have toured the US relentlessly, recording close to 100 songs, released records in other countries and toured with many of the bands that influenced us from the start.

Q. So far under your belt, you have released six full-length albums, with the most recent being “Delightfully Pleased.” In your opinion, what has been the most celebrated album?

A. Many people would say, “Oh that’s an easy one – Action,” BUT what I have always appreciated about our fans is that every record we’ve put out has been somebody’s favorite record.  Every one song we’ve released (at least in this decade) has been someone’s favorite song.  There are even people out there who rep us as their favorite band.  That is flattering to me that we have favorite band potential.  It makes me feel bad for bands like O-town.  No ones favorite band is O-town.

Q. I’m sure you guys have played many shows that stick out in your mind. What show in particular sticks out as being one hell of a good time?

A. There’s this club in Japan that we’ve played a bunch of times called Club Quattro. Those shows were always bananas. Also, there was a club in Pittsburgh called Club Laga where we got our start. I saw well over 150 shows there and played over 30 of them. It has become legendary around these parts – we even mention it in the first track of our new record!

Q. You have a ton of songs that have some pretty great meanings. Was the song, “21 Forever” written for anyone in particular…without naming any names?

A. “21 Forever” is about people (girls) that continue to drink heavily well into their late twenties. I guess there a few sources I could site as direct influences, but, well, they aren’t worth naming! Drinking too often becomes the activity when it should be something that compliments a good time!

Q. You guys have played shows with bands such as Paramore and Fall Out Boy. If you could plan your own tour and pick three other bands to go on the road with, who would they be?

A. I would love to tour with I Am The Avalanche again. Those guys always bring out the worst in me, haha. Let’s get O-town on that tour, too, because I feel bad for ripping on them earlier in this interview.

Q. You have a record label called, “Modern Short Stories.” The slogan for the label is, “Every song is a modern short story.” What is one of your favorite modern short stories?

A. Modern Short Stories artist Justin Oliver is king of the modern short story! His record “For Rose” is about his grandmother who passed away, inspiring a collection of songs that will send you on a magical journey. Also, he wrote this song about a deer being hunted and killed, which was sang in the first person as the deer. It’s nice to imagine a deer singing to you. That deer had a beautiful voice.

Q. What are some of your favorite venues to play in around the world?

A. We are big fans of The Metro in Chicago, The Trocadero in Philly, and all of the House Of Blues! There was a time when we had played all of the House Of Blues in the country, but then they had to go and open more of them. Dang.

Q. If you could choose the next big thing in music, what would be it? Please say it’s not another Kesha…

A. I wish that GOOD MUSIC would be the next big thing in music, instead of super dumbed-down, over-sexual pop music!

Q. Out of all your albums, what is the best song you’ve released?

A. I think my favorite songs of ours are “21 Forever,” “Castaway,” and “The Reinventor.”

Q. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. Ha, obviously “Castaway”!  Oh my, that would be depressing.

Below is a hit off of their new album called “21 Forever.”

A tip for all of the girls reading: You can’t be 21 forever.


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  1. Juanito October 27, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

    been following these guys for years. love love love them. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease keep making music. thanks

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