The Gay Blades – Savages

5 Oct

A Cameo by Adam Bird of Those Mockingbirds

The Gay Blades – “Savages” (Triple Crown Records)

‘Savages’, the second LP from the Gay Blades, is well thought out and dripping with inspiration. The doors are kicked down right away with “Rock n Roll (Part 1)” with a main riff that is sleazier than a snake with a snake tattoo. Interestingly enough, the first song does not set the tone for the rest of the album… each song successfully carves out its own identity, and each identity is unique. Some are just absolutely beautiful, like “November Fight Song”. Others like “Wasted On The Youth” almost have a reggae vibe. And then, my personal favorite, “Mick Jagger” which is the kind of song that sounds SO urgent… and so important… that it doesn’t matter WHAT is being sung about.. because it IS important.

However, with all of that said… the Gay Blades wouldn’t be the Gay Blades if they didn’t keep a tongue-in-cheek thru the entire record.. and force you to wonder which parts are serious, and which are not.

This album was done masterfully, and I do not think for one second that the words I am typing right now do it justice, so I am going to stop and BEG you, as a fan of music… you MUST hear this album. If not for yourself, do it for the scene points you’ll get to cash in 6 months from now when everyone you know suddenly loves that band with the “Gay” name.



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