Noah East

16 Sep

“It would be awesome to say, “I’m going on tour with Springsteen.”

Noah East is a singer-songwriter from Anderson, Indiana. Currently he is writing his newest album, “Rare Form” which will be his third full-length album. He just finished taping his first feature film called “Beverly Lane” which is due out October 29. His voice is as smooth as Johnny Walker whiskey and if you had to make a mixture of his music stylings it would be a little bit of pop, a dash of rock and roll, and a large serving of folk.

Q. Who are your biggest influences musically? Why are they some of your favorites?

A. Roy Orbison, Nat King Cole, and M. Ward. M. Ward is a big one for me. His CD never leaves my stereo. Nat King Cole has one of the greatest singing voices and what I like to listen to are great voices. I think Roy Orbison probably has the best singing voice ever and writes unbelievable songs. M. Ward doesn’t have the greatest voice, but he writes amazing songs.  One time I was listening to an interview of M. Ward and he said that Roy Orbison was his favorite artist of all time and I was like, “That’s my favorite artist too! I need to listen to more of this guy”. Sure enough I was like, holy cow this guy is unbelievable.  Those are my three. If I had to add one more it would be Justin from Bon Iver.

Q. Who inspires you to become a better artist?

A. My mother. She listens to everything I make, even the demos. When I’m writing a song I always ask myself, “Will my mom like this?” On Bird, I cursed, not a lot, but I swore. My mom told me that she didn’t like me cursing a lot, so when making this new album I was very consciousness of the fact that my mom was going to hear it, so I can’t curse. The main thing I’ve been striving for is to write songs my mom would like. She has impeccable taste in music.

Q. When did you first pick up a guitar and what made you want to pick it up in the first place?

A. Roy Orbison made me want to play guitar. I always wanted to play guitar, but my mother would never let me, so I started out on violin. I always wanted a guitar though but my mom always said, “No, because if I get you a guitar, you’re going to start doing drugs and growing your hair out all long, and getting tattoos.” It’s funny because I have tattoos, there was a point where my hair was long, and marijuana is not a drug. When I finally got a guitar I was 14 years old. The first song I learned was “Come As You Are” by Nirvana. I really wasn’t good at it, so I gave it up for four years. I’m still pretty terrible at playing guitar.

Q. What is the most meaningful song you’ve ever written?

A. You’d think I’d say “Greater Love”, but this new record has the most meaningful songs I’ve ever written. If I had to pick one I’d say “Rare Form” which is the title track to this new record. It’s the only song so far that I’ve released online. The song is like a how-to guide for someone who is young and thinks that they may or may not be in love. Don’t make the same mistakes that I did, do this and you’ll be okay. This song was written with someone in mind as the relationship was in progress. This whole record is kind of like a cautionary tale on love. Basically I’m saying that love can be really great just watch yourself.

Q. If you could co-write a song with anyone, alive or passed on, who would it be?

A. Passed on, Roy Orbison. Alive would be tough. I’m tempted to say M. Ward, but my all time would be Daniel Johns of Silverchair. I think I could write a really cool song with him. It would have to be some really epic pop song.

Q. If you had the opportunity to open for anyone on tour, who would it be?

A. Bruce Springsteen.  It would be awesome to say, “I’m going on tour with Springsteen.”

Q. What is your favorite lyric from one of your songs?

A. There is this song on the new record called “Good One.” It sounds like it’s fun and upbeat, but the lyrics are kinda dark. It’s about settling for someone that is really terrific but you know they are not the one.  The line is, “And we’ll make a home out of compromise and stone and pretend that it’s where we wanna be.” That’s my favorite line on the new record.

Q. What is your outlook on the record industry today?

A. You would have to be a fool not to say that it’s dying. As for the music industry, I think that there are really great opportunities ahead, innovations ahead, and I feel like if you’re a musician you can’t help but be optimistic because I feel like the power is back in the musicians hands to be whatever you want to be. I still think that there is a place for the record industry and record labels are vital still, even the big ones.

Q. What do you think the biggest obstacle’s for bands are?

A. Being organized. Because of the way that the industry is now, it’s so cluttered. There is no real sense of direction of where to go and how to get places. A lot of bands have songs and know how to play them, there are local places they could perform at, but what do they do after that? The biggest challenge is getting a sense of direction and organizing yourself.

Q. My final question for you. If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only bring one of your songs to listen to, which one would it be and why?

A. I feel like I would get so sick of whatever song I’d pick. After six months I would be like, “I never want to hear that song again!” This is a hard one. I would want something that doesn’t sound like me. After awhile of hearing my annoying voice repetitiously I’d want to stab myself! It would have to be something not sad. How about I just write all new songs while on the island? I would spend my time writing non-stop and singing the songs to myself. That’s the answer. I’m going to leave all of my songs at home and just write new ones on the island.

(Side Note: After awhile of trying to convince Noah that he couldn’t just leave all of his songs at home and write new ones, he finally picked a song.)

Fine, I would pick “Good One.” I would pick it because it sounds happy enough that I wouldn’t get bummed out listening to it all of the time and the lyrics are important and meaningful enough to me that I wouldn’t tire from hearing them. I’m proud of that song to the point where it would take me awhile to want to off myself for being deserted on an island.

Here is a song off of Noah’s newest record called, “Greater Love.” Hope you all enjoy.


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