Jesse Thomas – Hazel EP

8 Sep

The first time I heard Jesse Thomas, I was searching on iTunes for new music to listen to. I was floored when I heard the voice that came out of this girl. As she’s singing these deep lyrics, she sings with such passion and emotion in her voice.

There are five songs featured on her EP and it definitely makes you yearn for more from her. The songs are ones that make you want to sing along, perfect for a morning drive to work or relaxing in bed with coffee in hand.

My favorite tune from this album would be “Blank Page.” It’s a song about heartbreak, loneliness, and moving on. “For now I’ll sit around this empty house and find things that remind me of you.”

If you haven’t checked out Jesse Thomas’ music, do so as soon as possible. This girl is bound to blow up any second. Soon we will see her on late night television, performing her hit songs in front of the whole world.


One Response to “Jesse Thomas – Hazel EP”

  1. jesse September 10, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

    well, thanks. glad i stumbled onto this.

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